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CIOKS SOL effect pedal power supply & support for Aclam pedalboards

Cioks SOL + support for Aclam pedalboards

Cioks SOL + Support for Aclam Pedalboards

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The CIOKS SOL Power Supply is the answer to your power-hungry pedalboard needs. If you've been searching for a way to fuel your small to medium-sized setup with life and energy, the SOL has you covered. It's designed with simplicity and power in mind, ensuring that you can focus on your music without the hassle of wall warts.

SOL is the smallest mains-powered switch-mode power supply offered by CIOKS, and it's a powerhouse in a compact package. You can say goodbye to the clutter and inconvenience of wall warts, as SOL provides a streamlined and efficient solution to power your pedals. With its no-frills design, it lets you concentrate on your creative spark without distractions.

What sets the CIOKS SOL apart is its remarkable power delivery. It offers the same impressive 660mA at 9V DC per outlet as its larger counterpart, the CIOKS DC7. This means you can power even your most demanding and power-hungry pedals with ease. In total, the SOL offers 30 watts of DC power, making it the most powerful small form-factor power supply available today.

But that's not all. The CIOKS SOL Power Supply includes a specially designed support for Aclam pedalboards, making it a comprehensive solution for powering your pedals while keeping your setup clean and organized.

Elevate your pedalboard setup to new heights with the CIOKS SOL Power Supply. It's the ultimate solution for musicians who demand uncompromising power and reliability for their pedals, all in a compact and convenient design. Say hello to a clutter-free and creative pedalboard experience!


0,4kg (0.9lb)
130x88x25,4mm (5.2x3.5x1.0”), excl. rubber fee

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