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5 things your didn't know about Smart Track fasteners | Aclam Guitars

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5 things your didn't know about Smart Track fasteners

Have you heard about the Smart Track® pedalboard before?

If you're reading this post is because you already know something about the Smart Track® pedalboards developed by Aclam.

If you still don't know what the Smart Track fastening method is, watch this video now: 

If you'd like to know more, have a look at this website:

SMART TRACK: The velcro alternative pedalboard

5 things you didn't know about The Fasteners:

What makes Smart Track pedalboards the perfect option to keep your effects pedals tidy without using Velcro, adhesives nor zip ties, is the Fasteners’ technology Aclam has developed and patented.

Fastener of the smart track pedalboard

These little rubber attachments may look simple at first sight, but a thorough designing process was necessary to achieve the functionality and reliability they offer. These small parts are the secret formula that make Smart Track® pedalboards so special, or at least different from all the other choices in the market, as you will keep your effects pedals in a pristine brand new condition, again unlike the rest of the options available in the market.

Manage your effects pedals in a tidy and clean manner and get used to not seeing adhesive remains all over your gear.

But what can Fasteners do for me?

1. Protect your effects pedals against slipping or scratching

Made of polyamide, and an anti-slip rubber layer on the part that will fasten the pedal into place. The Fasteners will protect your effects pedals from slipping out of the pedalboard or scratching the surface of those expensive boutique stompboxes. Your effects pedals will remain attached to your pedalboard no matter which material they are made of.

2. Attain "extra-grip" while screwed

The fastener is a device that uses the laws of physics in order to do what it was designed to do. The rubber material which the fastener is made from allows an enhanced grip when you fasten it to the pedalboard. The softer material of the outer layer which is in contact with the effect pedal allows the fastener to tilt against the pedal in an angle that secures the effects pedal with the power of physics. You should be able to lift a fully loaded pedalboard by grabbing one of the fastened pedals without it detaching from the board.

3. Designed and patented by Aclam

The fasteners and the whole Smart Track method have been designed in sunny Barcelona, in Aclam’s headquarters. Even though it seems it’s a simple device, many hours of intense engineering and designing went on in order to guarantee the functionality that many users are enjoying.

This research and enhancement is never over, as we consider we can optimize the current fasteners in future revisions; our philosophy doesn’t allow us to be conformists, we are aware of what our users expect from 

4. Hold almost any shape of pedal

Unusual shaped effects pedals look great attached to your Smart Track pedalboard thanks to Fasteners 360º.

Round-shaped pedals, triangular, dodecahedral, or even cloud shaped ones; Fasteners 360º will adapt to any shape or size. No pedals will be left out, maximum inclusivity as always, we do not leave any pedal behind!

5. Reusable

Fasteners can be used as many times as you wish; have them ready for any occasion without messing up with glue, nor having to pull pedals apart with the incredible strength needed to pull Velcro strips apart. 

You will receive enough Fasteners to populate the Smart Track pedalboard you chose, so don’t worry about having to buy extra components to have a fully operative pedalboard from out of the box. Anyway, if you need more fasteners or some Fastener 360º we have different options at our online shop.


The world of fastening methods for pedalboards is a vast territory of sticky stuff, some zip ties here and there, same old solutions sometimes dressed up as the new thing and Aclam’s Fasteners, which would offer a different and effective way of enjoying your rig!

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