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5 things your didn't know about Smart Track pedalboard's fasteners

5 things your didn't know about Smart Track pedalboard's fasteners

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Aclam Guitars

Smart Track Pedalboard_Aclam Guitars

What makes Smart Track pedalboard your perfect option to keep your effects pedals tidy is Fasteners’ technology. These little accessories that may look simple at first sight, are the secret formula that makes Smart Track so special: it keeps your pedals collection brand new, tidy and clean, no need to stick them with no kind of product.

The system is simple:

  1. The anti-slip material which Fasteners are made of protects your effects pedals against slipping or scratching. Your set gets attached to the pedalboard, whatever is the material they are made of.
  2. The number of rails that the pedalboard is made of holds a lot of possibilities to customize your grid. You can try using different heights and weights in order to make the best out of every centimeter of the Smart Track.
  3. Having any unusual pedal shape? They’ll look great attached to your Smart Track pedalboard thanks to Fasteners 360º. They can adapt to any shape or size; the anti-slip surface will do the rest of the job.
  4. Fasteners can be used as many times as you wish and they bring you the ability to set them for every occasion without messing up with any kind of glue.
  5. The screw that keeps your set together through the Fasteners is shaped standard, so you don’t need any key to attach your guitar effects pedalboards to your Smart Track.

By buying your Smart Track pedalboard, you’ll receive as many Fasteners as you’ll need to configure your set, it depends on the sizes you choose. If you need more or any Fastener 360º, you can buy as much as you need in our online shop.