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To velcro or not to velcro? That is the pedalboard's dilemma

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How to attach the effects pedals into a pedalboard?

If we make some research on the internet, we’ll see that there are a lot of pedalboards options to keep your guitar effects pedals secure and tidy while playing. The most common system accepted by most of the manufacturers and musicians is using hook & loop or most commonly known as VELCRO®.

There are many specific types to keep this need covered, if not using hook & loop, using very similar fasteners. The most common are Velcro®, 3M Dual Lock and other hook and loop brands.

Even though, there is so many people that is constantly asking for velcro alternatives to attach the effects pedals on the pedalboards. And here we have some of the main reasons why people is looking for velcro-less pedalboards.

Why to use an alternative to velcro to attach your effects pedals to your pedalboard?

Top 5 reasons why a professional musician does not want to use Velcro to attach pedals on a pedalboard:

     1. To not damage your pedals.

     2. Hook and loop looses effectiveness while being used

     3. To keep them clean as if they were brand new (Just in case you would like to sell them in a near future).

     4. Your pedals are a big invesment you did with a big effort (and you love them!).

     5. You are tired of melted adhesives and sticky things, specially on those summer months and hot places.

So is there a reliable velcro alternative or velcro-less pedalboard for all these people like me?

Of course there is. Velcro is not the only thing you can use to attach your pedals into your pedalboard. There is many creative people that have found a whole world of alternatives to keep their pedals attached on the pedalboard with no need of using velcro. The most common are using zipties and bike chains; and there are other options in the market, but they still need to attach something adhesive to your pedals.

Bike chain pedal

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So we have developed a reliable pedalboard with no need of using velcro, nor adhesives: The Smart Track® pedalboard. You can attach and reattach your pedals without the need of damaging them, as many times as you need!

Smart Track®: The Aclam’s velcro-free pedalboards

Advantatges of using a Smart Track® pedalboard:

     1. Attach your pedals and rearrange them in a secure, quick, easy and fun way.

     2. Keep your effects pedals clean, adhesive-free and like brand-new

     3. Reuse them as many times as needed.

     4. Fasteners are included with your pedalboard.

The Smart Track® method has been developed & patented by Aclam as an innovative method to attach effect pedals. The pedalboard surface has a longitudinal grooves where the fasteners can be placed, moved and fixed.

They won’t damage your pedals, because they are made of an anti-slip rubber that will grip and protect your pedals without damaging them.

With a standard flat screwdriver you will be able to fix the position of a fastener and fasten your pedal.

Watch how it works

If Velcro is not a problem for you, you are not wrong either!

Every musician has his own needs, and all decisions you make for your guitar gear is as good as the other one. If you already have your set configured with Velcro, you can always choose an Evo Track pedalboard, which offers the option of using this System.

We know Velcro® pedalboards also satisfies the need of keeping pedals from moving or falling down when moving the pedalboard aound, and a Velcro pedalboard can look very clean tidy too!

That is why we are giving you the option to have your Aclam pedalboard using velcro too. The Evo Track® uses a high quality long-lasting VELCRO® strips. Clean the bottom part of your pedal before placing a small piece of the hook strips.

Take avantatge of the modular design of our pedalboards, and convert your Evo Track® pedalboard into a Smart Track® pedalboard if you want to try the velcro-less solution.

So, keeping it simple: The Smart Track pedalboard is reversible, you only need to turn upside down every track you may need and stick Velcro to it. Need more information?

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