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The keys to Evo Track | Aclam Guitars

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The keys to Evo Track

evo track pedalboard

It sounds simple: a pedalboard for your effects pedals based in Velcro system to keep them safely attached to the surface. It’s the most common system for guitar pedalboards, and it is for a reason: it’s safe and clean.

In Aclam Guitars we’ve decided to keep this option for those musicians who’d rather keep this system, that’s why we offer Evo Track in our online shop. This pedalboard may seem like any other based on Velcro pedalboard, but it has some differences in comparison with the rest that make it a very good choice adapting to any surface and necessity. All of it without giving up the Smart Fast philosophy, which facilitates using other accessories above the Tracks and also underneath, like Smart Track pedalboard does too.

Adjustable rear legs
You’ve been hired for a gig, you know what songs you’ll play, which guitar you’ll bring and even what effects pedals you will need to use; what you actually don’t know is where are you going to perform, if you’ll be able to sit on a chair, if there’ll be a carpet or... oh gosh! Will it be like that day when you had to perform in that precarious stage? The floor wasn’t well aligned and your pedalboard was moving all the time so you had to do a huge effort not to mess up the song by using the wrong pedal due to the movement of the whole set.

The Velcro pedalboard Evo Track offers the possibility of adjusting the rear legs so as to adapt to the maximum to the characteristics of each of your concerts.

Two systems in one
If, finally, you decide to keep your pedals free of adhesives and attached to the pedalboard with a safe and clean system, you also have the option of turning your Evo Tracks upside down and take advantage of the Smart Track pedalboard; thanks to its Smart Fast system, you’ll be able to set your pedals using Fasteners.
Remember that, as long as you keep the Velcro pedalboard system, Evo Track pedalboard also has all the Smart Fast advantages with using accessories suitable for both like Tidy Cables, the power supplies support and the Upper as well, which allows you to organize your pedals with a second and higher level in order to ease their reach.

The customizable option
If you still have doubts on what pedalboard size are you going to buy, or you are thinking about broadening your pedals collection and you are not sure if you should buy any pedalboard yet, don’t worry: in our online shop you’ll find accessories that makes possible to turn yours into a bigger one with the Upper accessory. For example, if you’ve got an XS1 pedalboard, you can use the Upper to transform it into an XS2 or from S1 to S2 pedalboard, and you can also combine Evo with Smart Track.

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