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Limited Edition Colors | Aclam Guitars
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Limited Edition Colors

Aclam’s Smart Track range of pedalboards has become more colorful with the addition of a limited run of surf green and pure white Top Routing pedalboards.

As we did with red, blue, or orange in the past, we have produced a limited number of pedalboards in these fancy-named colors for your delight.
This edition will be available at Aclam’s online store until stocks last and, as happened with other colors we made, once they are gone, they are gone forever. No looking back.


Smart Track Top Routing Surf Green Edition

Based on the RAL color matching system used in Europe, the RAL 6019 Surf Green will make your pedalboard look greener, which isn’t bad bearing in mind that it’s a color that evokes a feeling of abundance and it is associated with refreshment and peace. Who does not want to feel refreshed and peaceful while bashing a well-organized set of stompboxes? It is also related to security, but you will have plenty of that using Aclam’s fastening system 

Green pedalboard

Check the green edition and say I LIKE GREEN!

Smart Track Top Routing Pure White Edition

If you are one of many who think there is only one kind of white, you will be surprised to know that there are many, each with a better descriptive name.

With the RAL 9010 Pure White pedalboard you will experience whiteness in the purest of the forms, until the pedalboard eventually gets dirty, unlike Traffic White or Signal White which are not as pure to start with.

Take advantage of the heightened perception of space white color provides to perceive the pedalboard as big as ever! And remember, white combines with practically any color, so you cannot go wrong with it.

White pedalboard

Check the white edition and HIT THE WHITE!

Oh! But I want a Free Routing colored pedalboard

Sure, it would be awesome, but you'll have to stick to grey for those models for now. If we eventually produce them in another color we will let you know.

Choosing your pedalboard

Aclam’s modular pedalboard system allows you to customize your pedalboard by using accessories or expand your pedalboard (in some cases) if it has become too small for your new acquisitions.

If you are not sure which pedalboard size you need check out this article: SIZE MATTERS

Note that the color refers to the pedalboard’s track, the side guides are black and they will keep being black for the time being.

Aclam’s Smart Track pedalboards are made of aluminum tracks with longitudinal grooves where fasteners and other accessories can be placed and firmly secured. The rubber coating on the fastener’s surface squeezes against the pedal in a tilting motion, keeping it unharmed and sturdily attached.

Check how different pedals are attached to the Smart Track pedalboard here: SHOW ME!

Some additional information about fasteners: FASTEN IT!

If you have any question regarding functionality, which board is more convenient for you or you simply want to propose Pigeon blue as the next big thing in terms of pedalboard colors, you can contact us here

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