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Aclam guitar's builder: Canivell, Standard & Tribute series.

Following the values of our company (Feel, think, play), Aclam Guitars is a project developed by our team that brings a new vision of technology applications in electric guitars. This passion for our project has allowed us to create and investigate about different features for the guitars. During the project development, different artists have contributed with us giving their tips and recommendations, obtaining the best way to reach our purpose. The result of these years of hard working, is the high quality.

It must be said that we have developed and patented an Exchangeable cartridge pickup system® (ECPS), an identity feature that appears in all our guitars. This system allows you to change your pickups quickly (in matter of seconds) and easily, without any need of tools.

For this reason, Aclam Guitars are intended for those people that is looking for high quality guitars, with the added value of innovation. We are completely sure that Aclam Guitars will change the way you think about the electric guitar.


CANIVELL SERIES - Our top of line guitars

They are completely user-adjustable and customizable with a great availability of the best quality materials.

- You can interchange different tops and necks (balanced system).

- Push-pull LED buttons to connect magnetic, piezo and midi.

- All parts are finished in detail, making the guitar nice to play.

- All guitar models are thought for the restless musician who is in constantly research for his sound, in every of his pieces.

  • 20:14 Is our approach to a hollow body guitar but loaded with technological features.
  • 20:16 Is a semi-hollow body guitar and yet with an acoustic feel. It shares most of the features of the 20:14 but thinner and lighter.


STANDARD SERIES - Our basic line guitars.

They adopt the appearance of a common solid body electric guitar with a screwed neck. Equipped with our ECPS ® and a house designed vibrato system that allows you to stretch the cords in both directions. The design of its solid body is thinner, and his dimensions are reduced. This permits to acquire a guitar with a lower price than Canivell Series. Obviously, all of this is accomplished without losing the high-quality product we offer. So, these guitars are not heavy at all, they are light and easy to handle

  • 20:18 Solid chambered body guitar smaller than Canivell Series.
  • 20:20 Guitar in development. This guitar is oriented for metal players



Is as passionate as we are about classic designs, we want to pay tribute to all the guitars we love. That is why we are developing a series of guitar where tradition and technology meets. Our exchangeable cartridge pickup System® are fitted into the classic designs of the rock and roll history.


Canivell models
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