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Aclam Tortex® picks

Aclam Tortex® pick

Aclam Tortex® picks

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With Aclam Tortex® picks you will discover a multi-color world of subtleties that will make the most of your playing. From .60mm to 1.14mm, you will have the right guitar custom picks that will cover from gentle strumming to ruthless shredding. Grab your Tortex® picks now and pluck the right strings!

From the strumming orange flavor to the aggressive purple attack, there is always a color to suit your playing needs. Jim Dunlop’s Tortex® picks provide a unique grip-enhancing surface which allow an aggressive attack without wearing away. Its Derlin composition will confer a long-lasting prime performance, as well as a comfortable grip that will make you want to play for longer without the fear of harming those well moisturized fingers.  

ORANGE .60mm

With the .60mm Tortex® orange guitar pick you will feel as if a new nail has grown between your thumb and index fingers, an orange teardrop-shaped one. Guitar picks with this gauge are usually best for strumming, especially with acoustic guitars. Your picking hand will become a sail cutting through the air particles between your guitar strings.

GREEN .88mm

The .88mm Aclam Tortex® green guitar pick will allow you to cut through space and time, creating a void between strings to perform those touchy bends with no unwanted turbulences, as well as insane shredding without scrap-grinding your plectrum. Aclam’s green Tortex® model is the best guitar pick for those who want versatility for their electric guitar playing; a little bit of strumming combined with some lead licks.  

PURPLE 1.14mm

With Aclam Tortex® 1.14mm purple picks you will deliver an aggressive attack with all the notes floating around clearly! It offers the highest gauge of the Tortex® series, with a combination of attack and grip that will allow you to go through those 6 strings with ease and accuracy. A replacement for tortoiseshell was the main reason to develop alternatives that could enhance grip, have a superior memory and durability. Delrin would confer those features to the guitar pick, beginning a new era.


Tortex® picks are well known in the guitar community for their reliability and durability, becoming a standard in this category. This alternative to tortoiseshell was developed by Jim Dunlop in the form of Delrin. Also known as polyoxymethylene, its structural rigidity, stability and light weight results in an outstanding performance for the most demanding players. It enhances grip, increases durability and confers a superior memory, all without harming any lettuce eating creature.


Choose your preferred gauge so you can choose on the go which guitar custom pick to use.

Guitar picks are a personal choice at the end of the day. The best guitar pick will be the one that adapts to your guitar playing approach better. 

Each option will give you a different taste and approach to guitar playing. Thicker options, such as the Tortex® purple 1.14mm tend to be optimal for lead parts, were alternate picking will demand the best grip and resilience.


Standard Tortex®

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