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Advanced kit - top routing - L2: special deal

Advanced kit - Top Routing - L2

Smart Track® L2 top routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack


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Aclam’s big pedalboard, the Smart Track® L2 – top routing, also has a value pack with the most sold accessories. Grab this big pedalboard together with a PSU support Universal Simple to get your power supply out of the way, and the cable organizer Tidy Cables Pack to keep cables well routed, neat and tidy. Use the soft case included in the pack to carry your big pedalboard around with effects pedals always protected. This and other special deals at Aclam’s online store!


Aclam’s Advanced Kit L2 - Top Routing includes the Smart Tack® L2 – top routing pedalboard with its soft case. Use the 56 fasteners you receive to fit up to 14 standard-sized effects pedals to this big pedalboard. You can reuse fasteners as many times as needed without harming the effects pedals with glue nor adhesives nor substitutes.

The PSU Support Universal Simple will let you place the PSU underneath the pedalboard, thanks to the inclination attained with the adjustable rear feet.

Cable routing made easy with the Tidy Cables Pack included in the bundle, use the grooves to hide cables and build a tidy and neat big pedalboard.


Having observed that sooner or later (more sooner than later) pedalboard users come back to us for that PSU support they didn’t purchase with the board, or those clips to tidy cabling up that didn’t seem to be necessary before receiving the pedalboard; we thought it would save money and time to offer a value pack with those must-have accessories.

Aclam’s big pedalboard, the Smart Track L2® - top routing, is included in this bundle kits so you can sort the basics in one order. Be smart and get what we know you will need at the minimum possible cost.

Enjoy of these and other accessories at Aclam’s online store and build a big pedalboard that can cover all your needs.

The soft case included in the pack is totally compatible with any of the accessories that can be assembled on the pedalboard.


Aclam’s Advanced Kit L2 – top routing includes PSU support and cable management accessories in a bundled format so you can save time and money from the beginning.

Aclam’s Advanced Kit L2 – top routing includes Aclam’s big pedalboard with the accessories that define the modularity, versatility and enhanced experience Aclam has been looking to confer to product design since our inception. Are you missing a specific combination? Contact us and let us know your needs!

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3.2 Kg (7.1 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
L2 (10-14 pedals)
83 x 30 cm (32.7" x 11.8")
Pedalboard + Fasteners + Softcase + PSU Support S + Tidy Cables Pack
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs
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What customers think about this product?


Very useful Pedalboard

A very good pedalboard with the fasteners, a real pleasure.

Furthermore, I had to deal with after-sales service. They were very responsive and assured me of replacing parts for free even though the pedalboard was second-hand.

Very serious !

- 20 May 2024

Fantastic, I want another for the rest of my pedals!!

Brilliant product!!

- 17 Jan. 2023

Do you like velcro?!

Exactly, nobody likes velcro adhesive on your pedals. Aclam fasteners provide a confident sense of security in knowing my pedalboard can be handled by a helper and if the board happens to get vertical or upside down I don’t have to worry about my pedals- they are SECURE! Oh you like to change your pedal board every 6 weeks? Perfect board (and bag) to make all the changes you desire without dealing with adhesive. I have two!

- 12 Oct. 2022

Well built, extremely usefull, swift delivery

This is what I needed for a long time. The pedalboard is very well built. It is very easy to swap pedals on the board. I even use it at home (which I didn't do with my previous board).
Big enough to also put a volume or wah pedal on.
Great piece of equipment.

- 19 Oct. 2021

Muy segura y versátil

Una excelente pedalboard, su fijación es rápida y aseguran los pedales muy fuerte, materiales resistentes y buen diseño...recomendada!!!

- 01 Oct. 2021


I purchased the L2 because I’m a bit on the OCD side. I wanted something clean and neat, as well as functional and modular. This board ticked all the boxes. I couldn’t be happier.

- 23 Sept. 2021
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- 17 June 2021

Clean Pedalboard!

I love this pedalboard. Super clean organization. I love that I can remove the pedals easily and rearrange without having to deal with velcro. My Dr. Robert fits on it perfectly. Looks great and works great. highly recommended! Thanks Aclam!

- 07 May 2021

Pedal Board

Fantastic pedal board!!! Sturdy and no Velcro or ties. Holds all my pedals and power nicely and the bag is terrific!

- 17 March 2020