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Dr. Robert - Gold Edition LTD - Only 4 units

Dr. Robert - Gold Edition


No more units will be produced.


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Product description


No more units will ever be produced.

See original Dr. Robert.

Dr. Robert - Gold Edition - hand-signed by Klaus Voormann

As you may guess, this was not a regular Dr. Robert.

This special limited edition featured the original Dr. Robert hand-signed by Klaus Voormann, with additional, unique characteristics.

We traveled from Barcelona to Hamburg and he signed 4 Dr. Robert enclosures for us, and we kept them for a special occasion.

Then, after the release of the Super Deluxe edition of The Beatles' Revolver album, we presented a commemorative version with:

• New Old Stock BC107 and B109 transistors (the same used in the VOX UL730), with golden legs,

• Hand-signed by Klaus Voormann, author of the Beatles' album cover and Dr. Robert unique artwork.

• Gold anodized machined aluminium knobs,

• Gold plated footswitches,

• Picture of the moment, with Voormann’s himself signing the units,

Only 4 units were available.

No more units will be ever produced.

Check the original Dr. Robert for more information.

Download the instructions

Product features

415g. (0.91 lbs)
13.6 x 8.7 x 5.5cm (5.4” x 3.4” x 2.2”) with knobs
1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad
9V DC Center Negative or a 9V battery
Current Draw
≈35 mA
True Bypass

What customers think about this product?

17 Apr. 2023

Wonderful package, superb attention to detail, signature is a piece of art and Dr Robert sound is magically trapped inside

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a Gold Edition of the Dr Robert pedal, and the whole package is wonderful - superb attention to detail with its own custom designed manual and box - and of course Mr Voormann's signature which is a piece of art in its own right (or write!) And of course, it has that Dr Robert sound magically trapped inside.

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