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Dr. Robert – Unknown Pleasures (Limited Edition)


The most 'disordered' version of Dr. Robert. A tribute to Joy Division.

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Product description

Dr. Robert – Unknown Pleasures is the most ‘disordered’ version of the acclaimed Dr. Robert effect pedal, the most accurate replica of VOX UL730 amp, extensively used by Bernard Sumner since his early career, and also the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Now in a limited edition for Joy Division maniacs, we have dressed the Dr. Robert in a new, dark suit to honor the homonymous album from one of the most legendary bands of English rock and post-punk, also pioneers to develop a unique sound and style that still resonate and influence current bands from all over the world.

Inspired in the album cover and the band's style, Dr. Robert – Unknown Pleasures limited edition units are the closest replica of the discontinued and rare 1966’s Vox® UL 730 amp, made to inspire guitar enthusiasts in recreating the sound from Joy Division. By tracing the original tag board circuits and measuring each component’s value, we have recreated the circuitry (also present in the original Dr. Robert effect pedal) to rememorate the iconic amp used by several other bands such as The Beatles or Led Zeppelin.

During the recording of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album, guitarist and co-founder Bernard Sumner tracked almost if not every cut through his Vox UL 730 paired with an Altair PW-5. Songs like 'Shadowplay' and 'She’s Lost Control' are great examples of the unique tone he attained with his Gibson and Shergold guitars through the UL.

From the band’s early days until nowadays, one can still see Sumner using the original amp live with New Order!

This limited edition features:

  • Based on the normal channel of the VOX UL730 S/N: 3042.
  • Graphics and design based on Peter Saville’s artwork.
  • Disorder! footswitch to get extra saturation and lose control.
  • Circuit tailored for both guitar and bass instruments.
  • Carbon comp resistors, Nichicon Fine Gold and Wima caps, plus Alpha pots
  • Custom enclosure including Smart Track® Fastening Method.
  • 1x Black carrying bag
  • 1x Disorder! sticker
  • QR card to download User Manual and Instructions and never lose it!


This edition is limited to only 100 units.

Check the original Dr. Robert for more information.

Download the instructions

Product features

415g. (0.91 lbs)
13.6 x 8.7 x 5.5cm (5.4” x 3.4” x 2.2”) with knobs
1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad
9V DC Center Negative or a 9V battery
Current Draw
≈35 mA
True bypass

What customers think about this product?

09 June 2023

Not "just another overdrive" at all

First the obvious: as a long time Joy Division fan, this pedal does exactly what it claims to do. I grabbed my SG, strum a chord on the bridge pickup and bang! It was there. But there is much more to this pedal. I have a fairly big pedalboard with 5 gain pedals between fuzzes, light and medium gain and I like to stack them to get different tones. This pedal is totally different from any other overdrives I own, and it went straight into my board. This gave me a much wider range of sounds to explore and a larger dimension for my creativity. So, gràcies my friends from Barcelona Nicely done! I have my eyes on the windmiller next. Cheers.

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