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Buy a high-quality modular Velcro® pedalboard: Evo Track®

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So, you are not convinced about the adhesive-less solution Smart Track® has to offer and you want to stick to Velcro, but still have all the modular pedalboard features as well as a high quality pedalboard build.

At Aclam we know guitar pedalboards have to adapt to many different tastes and needs, so we also have our high quality pedalboard offer in the classic VELCRO®. Take advantage of Aclam’s modular pedalboard approach combined with the VELCRO® you are used to use and do not look elsewhere to build your perfect guitar pedalboard. With this guitar pedalboard you can add accessories to improve the pedal layout, manage wiring, dealing with your power needs, or making it grow or shrink depending on your needs.

You can even turn it into Smart Track® if you feel you are ready for the change: Aclam’s modular pedalboard system is reversible, meaning that if you turn your Evo Track® over and place some fasteners you will automatically have a Smart Track® pedalboard. Two systems in one guitar pedalboard and without having to purchase a whole new pedalboard, value for your money.

Move around with the specific soft or hard case designed for the Evo Track range of guitar pedalboards. With its sleek design and low weight, you will effortlessly carry around your effects pedals up and down in a comfortable and secure manner without going through a big change which you are not prepared for yet, the fasteners Smart Track® system. From the small and accessible XS1, to the large and spacey L2, you will find a suitable high quality pedalboard for your needs.

Check the custom options as well if you are missing space or need something more specific. Remember that Evo Track® is a modular pedalboard that can allow you to grow, add levels or manage your accessories to gain efficiency and customization.

If you are not sure of which guitar pedalboard you need, check out this blog entry where we analyze both options  But remember that your choice is reversible with Aclam’s modular pedalboard system, so you can really never go wrong.

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