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Evo Track® L2 - Free Routing - Non-reversible: Velcro® pedalboard

Evo Track® L2 - Free Routing - Non-reversible

Pedalboard 83 x 30 cm (32.7" x 11.8") - not reversible

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Evo Track® pedalboard production will be discontinued. Limited units and accessories will still be available in stock with a special price and sold to current customers. Contact for any issues.

Aclam’s large pedal board has its simpler version in this Velcro®, free routing and non-reversible pedalboard, the Evo Track® L2 – free routing – Non-reversible. Nothing can go wrong if you are looking for a simple option but with the design and sturdiness of Aclam’s distinguishing touch. Add the basic accessories to this large pedal board and move it around with its specially designed soft case and hard case. We ship worldwide!


Aclam’s Evo Track® L2 – free routing – Non-reversible large pedal board uses Velcro®, a very sticky long-lasting and sturdy option within the Velcro® family of products. Your pedals will sit on the board and won’t move unless you decide they must move.

With space for up to 14 standard-sized effects pedals, the Evo Track® L2 – free routing – Non-reversible will manage those pro rigs with maximum comfort, due to its low weight thanks to the lacquered aluminum structure you will move around with some relative ease, but remember that 14 pedals add up some weight, so don’t expect it to break any physics laws (at least on Earth).

The slanted division of this large pedal board, with a 2cm gap between slants, will allow cable passing from the top to the bottom of the pedalboard. You can route cables in a totally free manner.

Adjust the height of this large pedal board using the adjustable rear feet. The Evo Track® L2 – free routing – Non-reversible modular pedalboard will keep stable even on uneven scenarios, no more wobbling pedalboards.


Aclam’s Evo Track® L2 – free routing – Non-reversible will let you add a power supply underneath this large pedal board using the PSU Support options available. Use the adjustable feet to allow enough space under the board.

Cable routing can be done under the pedalboard, and Tidy Cables can be used to avoid it looking like a spaghetti accident. A neat and tidy cable layout will help to detect problems quicker.

Elevate a row of pedals using the Upper and make it easier to reach those pedals without accidentally activating the one in front.

Aclam’s large pedal board gone Velcro®, as simple as ever. Try the Evo Track® L2 – free routing – non-reversible modular pedalboard if you are looking for a long-lasting sturdy pedalboard with no complications. Check it out now!


3.2 Kg (7.1 lbs)
Laquered aluminum
Fastening Method
Evo Track®
L2 (10-14 pedals)
83 x 30 cm (32.7" x 11.8")
VELCRO® brand strips
Cable Routing
Free Routing
not reversible
Back legs
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Great quality pedalboard!

Sturdy and relatively lightweight, my board has 10+ pedals so the build quality has been advantageous so far.

- 22 Nov. 2023
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- 06 Aug. 2019