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Evo Track® S2 - Free Routing - Non-reversible: Velcro® pedalboard

Evo Track® S2 - Free Routing - Non-reversible

Pedalboard 59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8") - not reversible

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Evo Track® pedalboard production will be discontinued. Limited units and accessories will still be available in stock with a special price and sold to current customers. Contact for any issues.

Aclam’s Evo Track
® S2 – free routing – Non-reversible is a Velcro® choice for those looking to enjoy of the sleek and sturdy design of Aclam’s range of pedalboards, but without needing most of the modular pedalboard features that models such as the Smart Track® have. It is the simplest option from Aclam’s modular pedalboard catalog, thought for those who just want to plug and play! Check it out! 


Aclam’s Evo Track® S2 – free routing – Non-reversible modular pedalboard uses Velcro® brand strips to attach the pedals to the board. With this extra-strong hook and loop you will keep your effects pedals well stationed and ready to rock.

This modular pedalboard is made of lacquered aluminum and it’s composed of different slants separated by a 2cm gap. This free routing configuration will allow the standard cabling setup underneath the pedalboard.

With adjustable feet, the Evo Track® S2 – free routing – Non-reversible modular pedalboard will adapt to any uneven surface keeping the pedalboard stable and slanted according to your needs.

This light-weight modular pedalboard is easy to move and will cope with the most exigent conditions with ease, making it an ideal touring partner.


Aclam’s proposals have always common factors such as modularity and versatility. Even though this option has less capabilities in terms of attaching method upgrading and customizability, it can still use some of the most popular Aclam accessories.

You can lift the furthest row of pedals using the Upper; place the power supply underneath the modular pedalboard with the PSU Support; and route the cables under the board in a tidy manner with Tidy Cables.

Fit over 10 pedals on the Evo Track® S2 – free routing – Non-reversible and focus on playing!

Aclam’s most popular pedalboard size has its simple Velcro® version, the Evo Track® S2 – free routing – non-reversible modular pedalboard. Fit your collection of effects pedals on this reliable and sturdy aluminum pedalboard, the extra-strong Velcro® provided will keep everything in place, even on the move thanks to the soft case and hard case options available for this model. Check them out now!


2.4 Kg (5.3 lbs)
Laquered aluminum
Fastening Method
Evo Track®
S2 (8-10 pedals)
59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")
VELCRO® brand strips
Cable Routing
Free Routing
not reversible
Back legs
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