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Evo Track® XS2 - Free Routing : Velcro® pedalboard

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Evo Track® XS2 - Free Routing

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Pedalboard 42 x 30cm (16.5" x 11.8")

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Product description

Aclam’s Free Routing line of pedalboards are aimed to those players who don’t want to see cables running over the board. The Evo Track® XS2 – free routing will allow you to route cables underneath this small pedalboard taking advantage of the existing gaps due to its slatted design. All the functionality found on Aclam’s top routing options have been broaden to a new level!


Aclam’s Evo Track® fastening method defines all Velcro® pedalboards available in Aclam’s catalog.  

This small pedalboard includes Velcro® brand strips cut to its size specifications. Beware of the portions of which you adhere to the effects pedals, as the attachment is very strong and can be hard to remove later.


Aclam’s cable routing options are divided in two, top routing for those who prefer the practicality of seeing the pedal chain at all times, and free routing for those who prefer hiding the cables under the board. Both are valid approaches and Aclam has broaden its pedalboard offer with the latter, in order to satisfy that recurrent requirement requested buy customers. We listen!

The Evo Track® XS2 – free routing is the small pedalboard of this range and will provide of a compact, sleek and sturdy pedalboard for your demanding needs, thanks to its lacquered aluminum finish.


Aclam’s Evo Track® XS2 - free routing pedalboard has the same features seen on the top routing options. Place an Upper or Wahpper in case you need an elevated row of effects pedals; choose the PSU support to keep the power supply hidden underneath the pedal board; use Tidy Cables to help you keeping the wiring neat and professional.

The adjustable rear feet will improve stability over any kind of surface and stage while allowing you to set the pedalboard’s height.

Want to check alternatives to Velcro®? Flip the pedalboard over, add some fasteners and enjoy of the Smart Track® XS2 – free routing experience. If you are not convinced you can always go back!

Check out the soft case designed for the Evo Track® XS2 – free routing to make sure you keep your pedals protected while traveling, or just go for this small pedalboard if you aren’t planning to take it anywhere.

Evo Track® XS2 – free routing is a small pedalboard, with a compact and sleek design and limitless cable routing possibilities. Aclam’s pedalboards are designed to cover the needs of those demanding players that don’t want to leave anything to chance. Contact us for more customizable options!

Product features

Fastening Method
Evo Track®
XS2 (5-7 pedals)
42 x 30cm (16.5" x 11.8")
VELCRO® brand strips
Cable Routing
Free Routing
to Smart Track®
1.3 Kg (2.9 lbs)
Laquered aluminum
Back legs

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