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Buy Aclam Guitars & pickups for Canivell & Standard Series

Aclam Guitars

Aclam's guitars are intended for those people that are looking for high quality guitars, with an added value of innovation. We will change the way you think about the electric guitars.




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With Aclam’s revolutionary interchangeable pickup system, both the Standard Series and Canivell Series will allow you to change your tone without having to swap guitars, and in a matter of seconds.

The best range of pickups in the market are available for you to experiment with your sound. Lollar, Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, if we don’t have it just contact us and we will make it possible. From single coils to humbuckers, there are no restrictions in your sound.

Bear in mind that Aclam’s guitars don’t include pickups, so you can totally customize the guitar to fit your tonal needs. Choose from the best pickup manufacturers in the market and feel the ultimate guitar experience.

Aclam’s customizable guitars offer the highest quality build with innovations that will allow you to adapt your tone to each situation immediately.

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