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Pedalboard hard case: L2 size

Hard Case L2

Hard case for any L2 sized pedalboard.


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Hard case option for L2 pedalboard users. Protect the largest pedalboard of Aclam’s catalog with the hard case designed specifically for this model. For demanding users that know that the soft case option won’t adapt to their needs, with the hard case L2 you will give that extra-protection without sacrificing mobility and functionality.


Designed for those large rigs that need the most protective option available, the hard case L2 will ease your soul and make you focus in what is most important, playing music.

Made of wood covered with PVC and a reinforced anodized aluminum structure, Aclam’s hard case will assure sturdiness without adding too much weight to an already heavy rig.

The insides of the hard case L2 is padded with a protective foam designed to fit the pedalboard with whatever smart accessory you choose to assemble. The top cover has a removable protective foam that adapts to the pedalboard’s inclination.

Aclam’s hard case includes two dish type butterfly locks which include the option of using zip-ties to make sure no one has a sneak at your valuable effects.


Aclam’s pedalboard cases are an essential accessory if you wish to move the pedalboard in a comfortable and protective way.

If you don’t want a bulkier or heavier pedalboard than necessary, and you consider that you don’t really beat up your gear that much, check the soft case L2, it will do the job. Otherwise, the hard case will make sturdiness reach another level allowing you to move the board carelessly without major consequences.

The hard case L2 has been designed focusing on touring musicians that don’t want anything left to chance.

Mount any Aclam accessory to the board with no fear, the hard case has been designed bearing in mind a fully loaded pedalboard.

All pedalboard cases include a 2-year warranty, just contact us if you are experiencing any manufacturing issue and we will sort it out as quickly as possible.

With Aclam’s hard case L2 you will take your pro pedalboard anywhere with no concerns regarding its integrity. Your effect pedals will be happy, hence your playing will be awesome; just focus on the important part of being a musician, playing music!

Not sure what to choose? Contact us if you need assistance! Check the soft case option as well if you want to keep your gear as lightweight and portable as possible. Available now!


6.3 Kg
Wood covered with PVC - anodized aluminium and protective foam
920 x 390 x 250mm
Inner dimensions
85 x 33 x 18-21 cm
Works with
L2 pedalboards

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Excellent products and service

A very good product, once more.
The Aclam products are innovative and good, as expected.
Good customer relationship management, delivery on time as expected, as well.

Hélio Cruz

- 06 Aug. 2019