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Pedalboard hard case: S2 size

Hard Case S2

Hard case for any S2 sized pedalboard.


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Hardcore pedalboard users have their rugged casing option, the hard case S2. Designed to cope with demanding transportation scenarios, with this hardcase you will move your valuable rig with total protection. Check this and other pedalboard cases available for Aclam’s S2 line of boards.


Designed to fit the most popular double-tracked pedalboard of Aclam’s catalog, this hardcase adjusts to the pedalboard with no restriction in terms of accessory usage, it is compatible with any combination you can think of.

Made of wood covered with PVC and reinforced with an anodized aluminum structure with plastic corners, the hard case S2 won’t add as much weight as other options in the market while keeping your effects pedals totally secure.

The top cover is coated with an inclined removable protective foam to fit the pedal board perfectly. The hard case S2 includes two dish type butterfly locks which include the option of using zip-ties to make sure no one reveals the contents.

Aclam’s pedalboard hardcases include a handle for easy transportation.


Aclam’s pedalboard cases are an essential accessory if you wish to move the pedalboard in a comfortable and protective way. The hardcase was created for those who need extra protection due to harsher conditions, such as airplane luggage compartments or loaded tour vans.

The hard case S2 has been designed for touring musicians that feel the nylon soft case option won’t cope with their expectations and don’t mind having to move a bigger and heavier rig.

Aclam’s pedalboard cases have been designed to manage the pedalboard regardless of the accessories you choose to use, from risers to power supply supports, you won’t have to take anything apart in order to fit the board in its case.

All pedalboard cases include a 2-year warranty, just contact us if you are experiencing any manufacturing issue and we will sort it out as quickly as possible.

With Aclam’s hardcase your pedals will feel very safe and cozy, while bashing into things. Get to your destination without worrying about your work tools, they will be just fine.

Check pedalboard hardcases and other soft case options at Aclam’s online store and choose the right option according to your needs. By the way, we ship worldwide!


4.7 Kg
Wood covered with PVC - anodized aluminium and protective foam
660 x 390 x 250mm
Inner dimensions
61 x 33 x 18-21 cm
Works with
S2 pedalboards

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Hard Case S2

I highly recommend the Hard Case for the S2. My gear is not VERY PROTECTED! A small investment for a huge piece of mind...

- 11 Apr. 2022
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- 10 Oct. 2019