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Combine the best of the Smart Track® and Evo Track® pedalboards

Aclam’s pedalboard system is not limited to going Smart with the fastener system, or Evo with the Velcro option, you can be greedy and have them both, at the same time!

My rig my rules. accessories

Aclam’s multi-purpose pedalboard combines fasteners and VELCRO® on the same side of the pedalboard, allowing to combine simultaneously VELCRO®-ready pedals with newer acquisitions which you prefer keeping clean for a change.

We cross-bred a Smart Track® and Evo Track® in the wild, which resulted in the birth of something Hybrid. A multi-purpose pedalboard that could handle the same pedalboard modularity while allowing both attaching methods to coexist peacefully.

You already have pedals with VELCRO® stuck on them? Take advantage of the velcro surface of the pedalboard. You do not want to harm your new pedals with adhesive as you did with the other ones? Use the grooves to place the fasteners and attach those pedals to this multi-purpose pedalboard. If you end up quitting VELCRO® forever, turn the pedalboard over and you will reverse the Hybrid Track® into a Smart Track® pedalboard, true pedalboard modularity. Compatible with the current Smart Track® and Evo Track® accessories, the Hybrid Track® is available in XS2S2 & L2 sizes and will provide a multi-purpose pedalboard that can adapt to most combinations. Get the soft case or hard case designed for these models and move around with ease.

Check this lightweight and compact multi-purpose pedalboard now if you want a versatile solution that does not leave behind any options that you may need. Attach the power supply underneath the pedalboard thanks to Aclam’s pedalboard modularity accessories, add a new higher level of pedals to increase your pedal activation accuracy, or just fill up your pedalboard with tidy cable clips to have the most efficiently and clear effects chain you can aim for. If you are still hesitant, do not forget you can contact us, and we will sort out any doubt regarding Aclam’s pedalboard system.

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