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Mission Engineering 529 USB power converter & support for Aclam pedalboards

Mission Engineering 529 USB Power Converter + Support

USB isolated power converter with 5 outputs + USB and custom support for Aclam pedalboards.


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Freedom to place your Aclam pedalboard anywhere you want and also eliminate mains hum. 

Mission Engineering 529 is the world’s first USB isolated power converter for your effects pedals. Power up a small pedalboard with this portable USB power converter and fit it straight under your Aclam pedalboard with the specific support we have designed for this device.

Advantages of a battery power

  • No mains hum
  • No searching for wall power outlets
  • No running power cables
  • Enjoy playing in your favourite beauty spot as no mains required

Small, light & ultra-quiet

Its sleek design is a perfect match for small pedalboards of up to 5 pedals, such as the Smart Track S1 – Top Routing pedalboard. You need to power up more pedals? Not only Aclam offers the option to easily expand from an S1 to an S2 pedalboard, but you will also be able to double the power by linking two 529 devices together.

There are many ways to keep this USB Power Converter oozing energy.

Plug it to the wall by connecting the Mission Engineering 529 to the AC adapter with a USB cable. Any USB wall power converter will do the job, such as your phone’s or tablet’s.

If you happen to be far from any AC wall power socket do not worry. This USB power converter can also be fueled using a portable USB battery pack, computer port or car’s charging port. Endless power.

The Mission Engineering529 has the following outlet specifications:

  • Outlet 1-4: 9V DC / 150mA each
  • Outlet 5: 9V DC / 500 mA
  • Outlet 6: USB 5V DCPower Up

What's included?

  • Mission Engineering 529 power converter
  • 5V 12W Wall Power supply (European & American adaptor)
  • Support for Aclam pedalboards
  • 1 x 10' USB cable
  • 1 x 3' USB cable
  • 5 x 2.1mm DC cables

Power is nothing without support

So, you have your USB power converter filled up with pumped-up electrons ready to power your rig, now you just need a place where to attach it to the pedalboard. At Aclam, we have designed a specific USB power supply support that will allow you to place the Mission Engineering 529 underneath our range of pedalboards.

Small, pretty steady and light, what else could you ask for a pedalboard USB Power Converter?

Get your Smart Track®, Evo Track® or Hybrid Track® together with the power converter at Aclam now! We ship worldwide!


11,4 cm (4.5")
113,4 gr (0.25 lbs)
2,5 cm (1")
4,5 cm (1.75")
5 + USB
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