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High Quality Custom Guitar & Bass Pedalboards

Aclam's modular pedalboards have been designed to cover all your needs as a musician. Define how to attach your pedals, choose between our 5 standard pedalboard sizes or build your custom-sized pedalboard.

No glue or other adhesives are needed to attach your pedals with our patented Smart Track® pedalboard. Keep your pedals adhesive-free! 

Have you already decided which is the best way to attach your pedals?

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Buying a pedalboard should imply making your musician’s life easier. Organize and keep your effects pedals tidy with our high quality custom pedalboards for guitar and bass! Choose one of the options Aclam offers to attach your effects pedals to your pedalboard and buy yours.

Now you just need to decide which pedalboard size will optimally accommodate the number of pedals you own. And don’t worry if your effects pedal collection increases: this is a high quality modular pedalboard. You are always in time to customize your guitar & bass pedalboard as much as possible thanks to all the accessories that you have at your disposal. Make the most of your guitar pedalboard with the Aclam pedalboard system. All Aclam pedalboards are made of extruded aluminum, looking to offer the best quality possible; that makes them both light weighted and very resistant.

An efficient pedal arrangement on your pedalboard will facilitate navigating through it during gigs or studio sessions. Tidily connect pedals with patch cables, provide electricity using a power supply unit and build your perfect plug & play board with the Aclam high quality pedalboards. Use our soft cases or hard cases to protect your effects in the most demanding scenarios.

Both beginners and real pedal connoisseurs will find that pedalboard that feels just right. Having an appropriate effects pedal order layout and a protected and clear signal chain between them is a must for every player.

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A typical inquire we receive is why our pedalboards do not come with an integrated power supply. We think there is a huge market of great options that adapt to the electrical needs that arise from each specific pedal chain. You choose the best option for you and we will find the way to integrate it to our board. Do not hesitate to contact us to make sure you buy the most suiting guitar or bass effects pedalboard for you.

Check out our high quality pedalboard collection, find the one that fits your needs and buy it. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, give us a call or email us and we will be happy to help! We want you to buy the best possible option to suit your needs. Everything you need to know before buying a guitar & bass pedalboard with a high quality standard for professional musicians.

Pedalboards are used mostly by musicians that play guitar & bass, but keyboard or other electric instrument players are also using them to attach their effects pedals.

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