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Track for Evo Track® pedalboards: spare part

Pedalboard track EVO

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Evo Track® pedalboard production will be discontinued. Limited units and accessories will still be available in stock with a special price and sold to current customers. Contact for any issues.

Be aware that the shown price is per unit: Buy only what you need!

  • 6 cm width track (Evo)

This is not a reversible track.

You can only use this track for Evo Track® pedalboards (Using Velcro hook and loop).

Tip: We strongly recommend to use this tracks in a free routing pedalboard, as this track does not have grooves at the top part to manage cables. You still can manage them at the bottom part using the tidy cables accessory.

Available in three lengths: 42, 59 and 83 cm.

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