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PSU Support Simple: pedalboard power supply holder

PSU Support - Universal Simple

Mount your power supply unit under your pedalboard

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Stop wasting the precious available space on your Aclam pedalboard. The Universal Power Supply Support Simple delivers exactly what you would expect, a plain support for your pedal power. Leave your preferred source of energy working in the shadows, allowing your effects pedals to be protagonists on the board.      



This universal power supply support simple will hold more or less any pedal power device you can name. Compatible with power supplies of up to 57mm high it will fit any pedal power that can’t be managed by the Universal Power Supply Support. 

This support isn’t compatible with XS1 pedalboards by default, as this Aclam pedalboard doesn’t include adjustable feet so it remains flat on the ground. Contact us if you find that unfair and want solutions.    


It is no secret that Aclam’s pedalboards have been designed to take advantage of the grooves carved on the aluminum track. Assemble or remove it with ease from underneath the board as many times as necessary.

The universal power supply support simple won’t affect any other smart accessory you may be using, allowing the use of other accessories such as tierscases and other pedal power supply supports


Made of stainless steel and aluminum, this pedal power support will hold your favorite pedal power supply sturdily. If you need extra protection have a look at our bulletproof Power Supply Support Universal

The anti-slip pads will prevent the pedal power from slipping off the universal power supply support simple, assuring it all stays in place.

Combine this accessory with Tidy Cables Duo to manage the wiring from your pedal power across the pedalboard.    

Buy Aclam’s versatile pedal power support if you need all the board’s space dedicated to your stompboxes. Have a look at our Special Deals, including bundled Smart Track® pedalboards together with the most popular Aclam accessories. Don’t pay shipping twice and order your pedalboard with these essential smart accessories.


Designed for
most common PSUs
Works with
All Aclam pedalboards with adjustable feet
Max. Width
Max. Height
57 mm

What customers think about this product?

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- 24 Feb. 2024


These did not fit mounting a Walrus Phoenix or a Truetone C7. I had to go buy longer bolts and MacGuyver it myself. Not awesome.

- 23 June 2023

Fuerte Sujeción

Necesitaba sujetar la fuente de alimentación y encaja perfectamente.

- 14 June 2023

Simple et efficace

S’adapte parfaitement au Power supply VODOOLAB, bien conçu par ACLAMGUITARS.

- 10 March 2023

Great integration into your Aclam board

These are an easy way to clamp your power supply into your board. They work well but you may want to get an extra set to totally secure it depending on your power supply. I have a Walrus Aetos and because the power plugs and input are located on adjacent corners I had to put these at opposite corners to secure it. Would definitely recommend it just think about getting two sets.

- 17 Jan. 2023

Great solution for the power supply.

The power supply mounting option looks and works great. Very functional.

- 01 Dec. 2022


This is sufficient if you have a light/small pedalboard power supply. I am using it for a Warwick Rockboard V6 and it's just about fine for this, although the psu can move around a little if the screws are not absolutely tightened as far as possible.
It's worth getting the smallest screw length that fits your power supply.
It's fair value, although shipping to the UK is very expensive for some reason.

- 26 Jan. 2022

Efficient !

Hello. I had some issues to fix a cioks dc5 with this support. A few days later Aclam send me free spare sparts that solved the problem at once. Great products ...and great service ! Thanks a lot !

- 16 Feb. 2021

maybe not so universal ?

I had some issues to settle a cioks dc5 with these. Fixed (as it should ?) at the rear of the board the power plant is not well held down. I put one of the support in the middle but in this case the screw is too long for the board to rest on the floor. I solve the problem raising the rear feet.
The system is smart but could be improved with longer supports and screws of different lengths ?

- 29 Jan. 2021

Works well, but not perfect

It works well for a variety of power supplies, but I think the grip part needed to be wider to give more surface area. Also, the bolt could have used a second nut to help prevent it from unwinding over time. Minor gripes, but holds the power supply without much issue, and attaches nicely to the underside of the board.

- 10 July 2020

they work on any power supply

I have an S2 board and am about to receive a second one. Would be nice if these were included with the board, but they allow any power supply to be attached to the underside of the board. Great boards too. My 2 boards will hold over 15 pedals. Enough to create just about any sound that one needs.

- 19 May 2020
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
- 22 Oct. 2019

Simple Affordable Power Supply Support.

I bought this support unit in order to install a Pedal Power 2 Plus under the Aclam Smart Track pedal board.
The universal support is easy to install and the power supply unit fit well. They also offer a unit with a longer bolt that works with the 1Spot Pro CS12.
Aclam has a lot of versatility in their pedal boards and Power Supply Supports. Everything I have bought from this company has been of high quality.

- 06 Aug. 2019


Thank you great item

- 06 Aug. 2019