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PSU Support: pedalboard power supply holder

PSU Support - Universal

Mount and protect your power supply unit under your pedalboard


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Your pedalboard setup is packed with effects pedals and you don’t want to waste that valuable space placing a power supply. The Universal Power Supply Support is a must-have for pedalboard planners, as you will keep your pedal power supply securely placed underneath the board!


This universal power supply support can take and securely protect any pedal power supply that does not exceed 4,7 cm height nor 19,5 cm width. For those models not compatible due to the size restrictions, check out our Universal Power Supply Support Simple which can hold power supplies of up to 5'7 cm high with no minimum height restriction.

This support isn’t compatible with XS1 pedalboards, as they don’t include adjustable feet by default and remain flat on the ground.  

Not compatible with:

  • Walrus Audio Phoenix
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo
  • TrueTone 1 Spot Pro CS-12
  • MXR/CAE MC-403 Power System
  • Eventide PowerFactor 2
  • CIOKS Ciokolate,

In case you have the following Power Supplies, let us know in the comments and we will add an extra part:

  • TrueTone 1 Spot Pro CS-7
  • T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath


Designed to attach to the pedalboard using the existent grooves, it can be easily assembled and disassembled, as many times as needed.

It allows the simultaneous use of other accessories such as tierscases and other pedal power supply supports


Made of aluminum, this universal power supply support ensures a sturdy protection for the best pedal power supplies in the market. Its front piece will protect cabling from disconnections and damages, while the anti-slip inner faces will keep your pedal power safe in place. The hole on the base of the universal power supply support will allow you to route cables in a tidy manner; you can also use one of the tidy cable options available to attain a neater and more efficient cable management for your custom pedalboard.

This accessory holds the pedal power supply by adjusting a plastic nut to the stud bolt, which will adapt to the height of the device.

Buy now the most popular Aclam Products for Guitars accessory and reserve the top side of the pedalboard for your favorite effects. Combine it with other Aclam accessories to build the best custom pedalboard possible adapted to your needs. If you are new to Aclam, check out our Special Deals at our online store, you can find kits which include the Smart Track® pedalboard bundled together with universal power supply supports and more!    


Designed for
Power Supplies that does not exceed 19,5 cm
Works with
All Aclam pedalboards with adjustable feet
Max. Width
195 mm
Max. Height
47 mm

What customers think about this product?

The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
- 02 Aug. 2023

Nice secure support for power on your board

This is so much better to support your power supply. It looks good and encase the power really well with screws for different size power blocks . It works so well with your Aclam board.. I now have 2!!

- 23 June 2023

Applies Strymon ZUMA

This accessory allows attaching thick power supplies such as Strymon ZUMA, and easy to build.

- 15 Apr. 2023

Excellent product

This is a really quality PSU support system. I have only a minor complaint since I have a Strymon Zuma power supply, that has the power input jack on the back side of the unit so I had to find a weird position so the PSU support holds it tight, but not a big problem, everything seems to be sturdy enough.

- 11 Feb. 2023

Okay but not terribly "Universal"

The mount needs to be longer to better fortify Strymon Zuma's or Walrus Phoenix (does not fit at all). I don't know why the underside of the Smart Tracks don't mirror the top, and therefore we could just use fasteners to hold power supplies rather than this.

- 16 Feb. 2022
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
- 11 June 2021