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Powered Starter kit: Pedalboard, Power Supply & cables! | Aclam Guitars


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Pedalboard Powered Starter Kit


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Smart Track® S1 pedalboard + T-REX Fuel Tank Jr + PSU support + Tidy cables + Lava Cable solderless kit. Get yours now!

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Product description

If you want to purchase all you need to build your starter pedalboard with power, with Aclam Guitars’ Powered Starter kit you will cover power needs with the T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr, allowing you to place it underneath the pedalboard with the specific PSU support, and you will wire the whole pedalboard with the set of Lava Cable solderless patch cables, using Tidy Cables to manage all the wiring.

Take advantage of the lower price this starter pedalboard with power offers compared to purchasing the items separately.

Starter pedalboard

Aclam Guitars’ Smart Track S1 pedalboard has been designed to fit up to 5 standard-sized pedals in a portable, sturdy, and light format. Ideal for starters who have not amassed a large number of pedals yet and want to build a pedalboard with all the needed elements, which are mainly cables and power.

With Aclam Guitars’ modular pedalboard system, even if you grow your pedal collection beyond what the S1 is capable of handling, you will have the option of expanding your current starter pedalboard from an S1 to S2.

Check this blog entry to learn how Aclam Guitars’ modular system works

Pedalboard with power

This starter pedalboard includes among other things the T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr power supply, which can power up to 5 pedals, the same number of pedals that fit on an S1 pedalboard.

As we do not want you to waste precious pedalboard space, the PSU comes with the specific bracket to place it underneath the starter pedalboard. Its perfect fit will allow protection and compactness.

Fuel Tank Jr is one of the best PSU for starter pedalboards with power and you can use it worldwide thanks to the voltage selector included in this device. Check out the device’s specs here.

Solderless patch cables

This starter pedalboard with power includes the Lava Piston Solder-Free Pedal Board Cable Kit which is a very convenient way to make your own length cables without the need to solder anything.

With the ten plugs it includes you will cover the patch cable needs for your 5 effects pedals.

Use the Tidy Cables to manage your pedalboard’s cabling and build the best possible starter pedalboard with power.

If you already have the pedalboard but are looking for power, check Aclam Guitars’ other power options in the Power Supply & pedalboard mounting brackets section of Aclam’s online store! 

Product features

Fastening Method
Smart Track®
S1 (4-5 pedals)
59 x 15 cm (23.2" x 5.9")
Smart Track® S1 top routing - Softcase - PSU Support for Fuel Tank Jr - Fuel Tank Jr - Tidy Cables - Lava Cable solderless kit
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
1.3 Kg (2.9 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Back legs
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