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Smart Track® S1 - Top Routing : velcro alternative pedalboard

Smart Track® S1 - Top Routing Pedalboard

Pedalboard 59 x 15 cm (23.2" x 5.9")

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If you are one of those who like to have their 4 or 5 guitar effects pedals clean and perfectly lined up, here is the definitive solution. With this pedalboard you will take care of your guitar & bass effects pedals and will have a tidy and organized pedalboard.


With the Aclam Smart Track® patented method, you can attach effect pedals to your pedalboard keeping them adhesives-free. Using fasteners to attach your effect pedals is the best way to keep them in brand-new condition. Changing the order and rearranging your pedalboard has never been so easy and clean.

20 fasteners are included to be used and reused to attach up to 5 pedals. We suggest using 4 fasteners for a perfect grip on standard-sized pedals but depending on the pedal’s size you can adapt the number for each.


The Smart Track S1 is a small, lightweight and durable pedalboard made from anodized aluminum. You can transport in an easy way 4 or 5 pedals lined on your board.

It has a great stability thanks to its 2 front rubber feet and 2 back adjustable feet which allow the pedalboard to adapt on any surface.


If you ever need space for carrying more effects, it will be no longer necessary to buy a new pedalboard. The Aclam modular design will let you add a second row to your Smart Track S1 board and convert it easily into a Smart Track S2 top routing pedalboard.

You can also reverse your pedalboard into an Evo Track S1 top routing by flipping the main body and adding hook and loop.


Manage your cables across the grooves to have a clean and tidy pedalboard. Hold and hide the cables using the Tidy Cables accessory by taking advantage of the grooves and passing cables under your pedals.

Use the custom softcase made of nylon and with an external pocket (for all those picks and altoids) and comfortably move your pedalboard around.

Take a look at all the Aclam pedalboard accessories available and customize it making the most of your board. There is space for a small power supply under your Smart Track S1 pedalboard.

This is one of the best seller pedalboards of all Aclam’s catalogue, but if you still have any need uncovered, take a look at the Aclam’s custom pedalboard system and cover all your needs!

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1.3 Kg (2.9 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
S1 (4-5 pedals)
59 x 15 cm (23.2" x 5.9")
20 fasteners
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs

What customers think about this product?


A must have !

It's the first time after a lot of years of playing that I have a really clean pedalboard !!.
I bought this one for a small rig, easy to transport. With the universal support for the power supply, everything is tighten, tidy and ready to move.
It is totally worth the price !!
I consider now buying a bigger model for my full rig !

- 07 Aug. 2023

Anti Velcro and very secure and versatile.

Best boards for me as they are versatile and the pedal attachments are just amazing and don’t ruin your pedals with Velcro. I think this is just brilliant and now I have a big board and a small board with the ease of interchangeability to move pedals from one to another ( ie my big board to my smaller gig board).. love the simple but amazing technology.. live the aclam board versatility and function… form and function!!

- 23 June 2023

Smart Track S1 Pedalboard

I'm very impressed with this pedalboard. It's well built, and simple to fasten your pedals. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone in need of a pedalboard.
I'm also impressed with the customer service at Aclam Guitars. It shipped from Barcelona to Calgary Alberta Canada in 10 days via postal service.

- 06 June 2023

Brilliant system

I'm amazed that the ideas here (channels for cable, unobtrusive and non-destructive pedal holders) hadn't been thought of before... at least not this well. A very elegant pedalboard system, indeed! Giving away my velcro and older boards now.

- 16 May 2023
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- 21 March 2023

Innovative and simple idea at the same time...

Getting rid of glue and velcros and keeping the pedalboard neat and tidy never was so easy...
Sturdy pedalboard, well built and modular if you think of enlarging it...
Fantastic product and great site for speedy and clear delivery...

- 25 Oct. 2022

Phenomenal Board for Boss

I was skeptical ordering this board since I reside in the US, but shipping was very fast. The pedal well exceeded my expectations and looks very clean and neat. My collection consists of only Boss pedals, and they fit perfectly. The material of the board is very high-quality and I expect this board to last a lifetime.

- 12 July 2022

Excellent Pedal Board

So I am 60 I've been playing sine I was 13, I have used many types of pedal boards throughout my years and I have to say to find a pedal board that does not require destroying your pedals with velcro is amazing I have 3 of these an S2, XS1and purchased this white one to add to a red for variation. I am delighted with them great pedal board well made and simply brilliant. Thanks Aclam

- 31 Oct. 2021


looks great, perfect quality

- 13 Jan. 2021

Pràctica, sòlida i compacta

M'encanten les pedaleres d'Aclam perquè són pràctiques, sòlides i compactes. En tinc dues i són indispensables pels meus directes: els pedales sempre són al seu lloc i no pateixen cap desperfecte. A més, passo estones molt divertides canviant de lloc els pedals i provant coses noves amb unes pedaleres que ofereixen infinites possibilitats. Feu una ullada als accessoris!

Pol Cruells

- 03 Sept. 2020

Exactly What I Needed

I needed a small/compact board for my studio that I could easily swap out my crazy amount of pedals without dealing with velcro or other proprietary mounting systems that required adhesive or mounting from underneath the board....enter Aclam Smart track. Now I can just loosen a couple of screws and swap out what I need in the moment. Great work guys!

- 06 May 2020



- 07 Aug. 2019

Great item

Thank you great item!!!!!

- 06 Aug. 2019