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Smart Track® S2 - Top Routing : velcro alternative pedalboard

Smart Track® S2 - Top Routing Pedalboard

Pedalboard 59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")

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The ideal size for those tone addicts who need from 8 to 10 pedals to put together their sophisticated rigs. This best-selling pedalboard will allow you to build a complex yet portable setup, keeping the pedals’ chain tidy and clean.


This patented attaching system eliminates the need of sticking hook and loop or adhesives to the effects pedals. The Smart Track method uses rubber Fasteners to cleverly fix pedals into position, allowing you to relocate pedals with ease to achieve the perfect setup.

As with all Smart Track® pedalboards, it includes the needed number of fasteners to fill the board with the stated number of pedals, in this case 40 fasteners. Aclam recommends the use of 4 fasteners per standard-sized pedal.  


The anodized aluminum used to manufacture these boards will deliver lightness, toughness and portability, key aspects for a touring musician.

Manage the pedalboard’s steepness using the adjustable rear legs to ease the access to the second row of pedals in this double-tracked board.


Take advantage of its modular design to elevate the second row of pedals completely or just partially, attach a power supply support underneath or even get rid of a row of pedals and downsize it to a Smart Track S1 top routing for smaller gigs or less demanding setups.

All Smart Track pedalboards have the ability of converting into Evo Tracks by flipping them over and adding VELCRO® brand strips on it.


Use the softcase S2 designed for Smart Track S2 to carry your effects around or go for the Hard Case S2 if you want the extra protection for flights or heavy touring scenarios. All cases have been designed to fit the pedalboard plus whatever Aclam accessory you choose to use.

The top routing configuration of this board will make cable managing easier, allowing quicker issue detection than having tangled wires at bottom of a fully loaded board and having to flip it over to check which one is failing. Use the Tidy Cable options available to keep cables tidy and organized.

Check-out and customize your pedalboard with the range of accessories available.


The most sold pedalboard model could be your perfect fit! If you aren’t convinced you have plenty alternatives at Aclam’s custom pedalboard system or just let us know and we will help you out!

Ready to build your pedalboard?

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2.4 Kg (5.3 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
S2 (8-10 pedals)
59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")
40 fasteners
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs

What customers think about this product?



This pedalboard has a small footprint and does all the things I was looking for. Aclam is just fantastic when you want to rearrange on the board, so easy. Used the setup on several gigs so far and happy as can be.

- 04 July 2023

I hate velcro.

I love Aclam pedalboards, just upgraded from XS2 top routing to S2 top routing + upper. Yes, because Aclam pedalboard are modular too! Great quality, sturdy, beautiful, shipping and great customer care (thank you Joel).

- 22 Feb. 2022
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
- 11 June 2021

Not right for me but a great product and great service.

Board ended up being too big for me but was brilliantly built. Service from Joel was absolutely amazing with my return.

- 29 Apr. 2021

This is the pedal board you are looking for!

Finally, a pedalboard mounting option that does not require destroying pedalcases with Velcro, glue, or zip ties.

The Smart Track system provides an easy, clean, solid mounting system for pedals (and anything else you want to mount to the board).

The optional power supply mounting option works like a charm. Combine that with the Tiny Cables pack to build a clutter-free board that looks as good as it works.

This is the only pedal board you will ever need!

- 12 May 2020

Large board, easy mounting

The mount brackets are easy to use and the board hold plenty of pedals. The height of the front can be adjusted. It is a nice setup. Still really new, but So far, a well made board.

- 03 Feb. 2020

One of the best products I have!

I had my doubts about buying one of these aclam smart track pedalboards. I knew I could make a custom one for a lot less money! But their system looked so great that I took the risk. It feels awesome, very modular, sturdy, and exactly as they present it.
I only had one issue plain my CAE WAH, the standard fasteners don't seem to grab it properly. I told Aclam people about this and they're sending me some 360º fasteners to check if they'll do the job.
Very thankful and I'll keep buying your products in the future!

- 30 Oct. 2019

Pedal board

Great board. Very well made.

- 01 Sept. 2019