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Smart Track® XS1 - Top Routing: velcro alternative pedalboard

Smart Track® XS1 - Top Routing Pedalboard

Pedalboard 42 x 15 cm (16.5" x 5.9")

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Check the smallest pedalboard option in Aclam’s pedalboard catalogue. Keep those 3 to 4 effects pedals you use secured on the Smart Track XS1 – top routing pedalboard without using any kind of adhesives. Take care of your gear in this compact and portable solution. We ship worldwide!


With this totally adhesive-free patented fastening method, the Aclam Smart Track® will allow keeping a tidy and neat pedalboard without having to mess up with your precious gear.

This method has been tested to ensure the fixation of your effects pedals regardless of external factors such as heat or vibrations, and can be used as many times as needed without losing grip.

The Smart Track® XS1 – top routing includes 12 fasteners, plenty to populate the pedalboard with your stompboxes. We recommend the use of 4 fasteners per standard-sized pedal, but in some cases 2 or 3 of them will also do the job.


The Smart Track XS1 is made of anodized aluminum, making this small pedalboard to be very lightweight, durable and with a very neat finish.

This model includes four rubber feet, so it will lay flat on the floor, no Power Supply Supports can be placed underneath. If you wish to place a power supply check the adjustable feet you can purchase separately at the custom accessories section in Aclam’s online store.


The Smart Track® XS1 can grow together with your effects pedals collection, that is a modular feature that any of Aclam’s one-tracked pedalboards have. By adding the ST Extension XS you can turn your XS1 pedalboard into the Smart Track XS2 – top routing.

If you decide you prefer going for Velcro® you can always flip the board and add hook and loop strips turning it into the Evo Track®XS1, that simple.


Manage your cables across the grooves to have a clean and tidy pedalboard. Hold and hide the cables using the Tidy Cables accessory by taking advantage of the grooves and passing cables under your pedals.

Use the specific softcase made of nylon to move this compact pedalboard and use the external pocket to keep your belongings properly stored.

Even being the simplest option in catalogue, the Smart Track® XS1 has a range of accessories that can be used and are included in the accessories section of the online store.

The most compact and portable pedalboard of Aclam’s catalogue, a perfect option for effect pedal beginners who haven’t been flooded yet by the pedal-craze. Check this and other options at Aclam’s online store and contact us if any question arises.

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0,8 Kg (1.8 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
XS1 (3-4 pedals)
42 x 15 cm (16.5" x 5.9")
12 fasteners
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs

What customers think about this product?


No adhesives, no worries

I love the ability to NOT use any adhesives on the pedals, this alone makes the product worth its higher price for me. Also changing the layout is dead easy, and you can tighten screws so tight that you can lift the whole pedal board by grapping a single pedal.

- 20 March 2024

A great compact pedalboard

I already use the largest pedalboard in the Aclam range, the Smart Track L2.
I was looking for a second, very compact pedalboard for gigs that don't require me to bring a lot of pedals.
I finally opted for the Smart Track XS1, and it's a pleasure to have all the functions of my L2 on this little pedalboard.
And thanks to the Aclam mounting system, I can quickly reconfigure my pedalboards to suit my needs.
And there's enough space in the bag to add a few jack cables for easy transport.

- 21 Jan. 2024


The Aclam Smart Track is very well designed, it works wonderfully! I really appreciate the way the fasteners work, very simple and secure. I love that I no longer have to mutilate my new pedals with Velcro. I highly recommend this pedal board its the best!

- 16 Jan. 2024

An elegant solution to the problem of hook and loop pedal attachments

This product is well-made and aesthetically elegant. I needed a pedalboard that I could reconfigure in moments, depending on the project at hand. I'm not a fan of hook-and-loop boards because they are messy, somewhat unreliable (when the adhesive fails), they leave residue on the pedal, and they are clumsy to reconfigure. Aclam has found the solution. Highly recommended.

- 24 May 2022

Smart Track XS1

Best pedalboard I’ve ever used. Not about to ruin vintage pedals with sticky tape. I can change setup quickly with brilliant fastener system.

- 16 Apr. 2022

Great Product

This is my 2nd pedal board purchase. Excellent product, very happy with it. Customer support is excellent as I needed assistance tracking my shipment.

- 11 Jan. 2022

Great board!

Got my white xs1 last week, and I’m loving it. It’s really solid and I love how well the fasteners hold my pedals to the board. No more dual lock for me!

- 10 Dec. 2020

Great alternative to velcro

I can't stand velcro, so when I found out about the Aclam pedalboards a couple of years ago, I knew I would buy one.

Fast forward to December 2019, having bought an S2 in 2017 for a large 10 pedal rig, I needed a smaller board for my fly rig which I will need in 2020 for european festival gigs. The XS1 is perfect for my small bass rig for these shows, with a pre-amp pedal, compressor, overdrive and a mini tuner. Opted to get the bag for the CS1 as well which is roomy enough for the board and pedals and no doubt for a few other bits and pieces too.

Delivery to the UK from Spain was just a handful of days, great service and product from Aclam again ! Can't see myself using anything else in the future, Aclam boards do the job extremely well and are great quality products.

- 20 Dec. 2019
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- 08 Nov. 2019

Great alternative to velcro

Great pedal board alternative without the use of velcro. Systems adds so much flexibility to reconfigure your board at anytime. Board is extremely well made and should hold up. Also nice carrying bag, which you need to order separately. Excellent email service response to questions and order was received pretty quickly from Spain to the US.

- 06 Nov. 2019

ACLAM Smart Track XS1

Perfect pedal board size for my Beat Buddy Pedals.

And the softcase it came with protects the pedals when transporting
to and from gigs and practice.

Will buy from ACLAM again when building my next peddle board.

- 11 Oct. 2019


"Only way" to fasten/loosen my pedals quick and without the hazzle of velcro/tape and so on...

Brilliant product. I highly recommend this to every guitarist using pedals.

- 11 Aug. 2019

Smart Track system works great

This board holds three normal (Boss-type size) pedals, it could manage 4 at a push if you are using slim Mooer-style pedals.
The Smart Track system is brilliant, it saves slapping Velcro all over the underside of your pedals (which tends to reduce the value and put people off when selling them) and it's absolutely rock solid. As long as you remember to always store a mini-screwdriver in the carry case's pocket, you're good to go :)

- 06 Aug. 2019