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Smart Track® XS2 - Free Routing : velcro alterantive pedalboard

Smart Track® XS2 - Free Routing Pedalboard

Pedalboard 42 x 30cm (16.5" x 11.8")

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With the Smart Track XS2 – Free routing option you will be able to pass cables through the space left between slats, allowing you to route cables underneath the guitar pedal board. For those users who prefer hiding the cable mess under the board without sacrificing functionality. Check the free routing options at our online store now!


With Aclam’s Smart Track® patented fastening method you won’t have to stick dirty adhesives nor Velcro®. Use the rubber fasteners to attach the pedals safely and sturdily to the guitar pedal board.

A total of 24 fasteners are included in the Smart track XS2 – Free routing guitar pedal board. We recommend using four fasteners per standard-sized pedal, however some pedals can be attached using two or three fasters, find your combination!


If you are one of those players who prefer managing the wiring under the guitar pedal board, the free routing options have been designed for you. With a 2cm distance between slats you can route patch cables, power cables and whatever you need through the free space.

Free routing guitar pedal boards can only be found in two-tracked pedalboard formats, such as XS2, S2 and L2.

Made of lacquered aluminum in a grey finish it will deliver light-weight and durability.

By using the rear adjustable legs, you will adapt to any stage without losing stability. 


Free routing guitar pedal board options are totally compatible with all accessories available for the top routing options.

With the Smart Track® modular design, use the Tidy Cables to manage all your cabling needs; elevate the last row of pedals by using the Upper SE accessory or use any of the PSU support options available at Aclam’s online store.

The pedalboard, as most of Aclam’s guitar pedal boards, is reversible, so you can flip it over and transform it into an Evo Track® - Free routing by placing some VELCRO® brand stripson it, maximum versatility.

If you are looking for a light and sturdy guitar pedal board that can hold up to 7 standard-sized pedals, allowing cables to be routed through the board and with many customizable options, stop looking, the Smart Track® XS2 – free routing will deliver exactly that. Check Aclam’s online store for this and other options and don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you were looking for. 

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1.3 Kg (2.9 lbs)
Laquered aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
XS2 (5-7 pedals)
42 x 30cm (16.5" x 11.8")
24 fasteners
Cable Routing
Free Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs

What customers think about this product?



Everything is perfect.....almost ! When I purchased this, I was expecting to accomodate my Strymon Zuma underneath the first "upper " bar. So, I worked around it by turning the first "upper bar" with the railings upside down so there would be more options to fit in my power supply...or any size ! Wouldn´t it be great if the first
bar could have an extra "rail" undeneath it?!

Also, there are two pairs of screws that did not screw in smoothly. It was rather a hit-or-miss kinda thing.

- 07 Sept. 2023

Terrific Pedalboard

As someone just getting into the world of pedals, I didn't want to become just another horror story about adhesive-covered pricey pedals. As such, the Aclam Smart Track system saves me the trouble. Dead simple to use and extremely well-made, I will definitely be buying more Aclam products as my collection grows. Cheers!

- 07 June 2023


These pedal boards offer a great alternative to Velcro, which was exactly what I was looking for.

- 04 June 2023

Good option if you don't like velcro in your pedals

The mounting option is very convenient to keep your pedals in mint condition.

- 01 Dec. 2022

Very Sturdy and make routing easy.

This is my first pedalboard so don't have anything to compare it with.
I went for this free routing model and glad I did as makes cable routing easy and tidy.
Its a very sturdy board, its easy to adjust the angle of the board and it looks nice.
The Smart Track feature is a nice idea but to be honest isn't really that great in practice. The clips are quite wide so you do lose a fair bit of space on the board.
Pedals are not really that secure either especially if the pedals have shiny coatings.
I don't gig yet and the plan with this was to get something to tidy up the pedals I use in my practice area. It achieves that perfectly but if I did start taking the pedal board other places I'd definitely secure the pedals with hook and loop to be on the safe side.
I'd recommend getting this board but the hook and loop versions rather than the smart track ones.

- 12 May 2020