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Introducing The New Woman Tone pedal | Aclam Guitars

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Introducing The New Woman Tone pedal

The Woman Tone guitar pedal is the 4th member to join the effect pedal family, giving a tribute to Eric Clapton's most famous sound during the 1960's!

The Woman Tone is a vintage inspired pedal that comes after some revelation watching the documentary "Cream Farewell Concert" at the Royal Albert Hall in 1968; it was Cream's last show before their dissolution, giving one of the best live performance of their short period of time as a supergroup, for all the music lovers, you know what we mean, a truly one for the ages show. It was one of the most intense and sound experience rock concerts of all times.

In their short time of existence, Cream formed by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker conquered live music and redefined the "blues rock". We decided to create a pedal giving the best tribute to this epic concert and Clapton's signature trick he was famous for "The Woman Tone". 

This pedal is based on a design of a custom all-analog pickup simulation circuit to reproduce the tonal qualities of a vintage Gibson P.A.F humbucker. We carefully paired it with a Plexi style overdrive with a dynamic range so it can achieve Eric’s Woman Tone with any rig. We fine-tuned the pedal’s footswitch to slightly increase the gain when engaged, so when you roll off the tone control, the saturation does not decrease. It also enhances the low end to make the guitar sound fuller when melodies are played. A total experience to play for any guitarist out there, taking you back to the Cream 1968 era! 

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