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Aalberg Audio - Innovating pedals

Aalberg Audio - Innovating pedals

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Nowadays there are so many different effect pedal brands, pedal types and different ways of using them that it is almost impossible to find a new choice that stands out from the rest. However, being as we are, enthusiasts of anything related to R&D, innovation and risky ideas, we think that the Norwegian company Aalberg Audio is achieving it.
Some years ago, co-founder Rune Aalberg Alstad noticed that all the pedals in the market shared a common defect:
The need of bending down to tweak any parameter in real time or, alternatively, having to use an expression pedal to do so. That is why he decided to associate with engineer Torkild Indstøy and entrepreneur Aleksander Torstensen, to manufacture a new and revolutionary concept of effect pedals that would solve that problem.  

After 5 years developing the product, they launched a new notion of pedals, manufactured and based on the idea of being able to change any parameter in real time while playing. How could this be attained? Through Aero, a palm-sized wireless controller that can be stuck onto any part of the guitar; not only allowing parameter changes but activation or deactivation of the effects the brand offers: Ekko Delay, Trym Tremolo and Rom Reverb.

In this year’s NAMM, our Smart & Evo pedalboard family could be found together with Aalberg’s pedals at KMC Music’s booth, our exclusive American distributor; so we had the chance to try them and share ideas with their amazing team. It was a pleasure to meet each other and we really were impressed by its design, sound and technology, and especially by the perfect combination with our pedalboards. We think it’s a killer combo, don’t you think?

You can see how the pedals work in the videos the brand has published. We have nothing else to remark but to welcome the initiative and to wish them a great future!