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こんにちわ - Kon'nichiwa Japan! (modified)

こんにちわ - Kon'nichiwa Japan! (modified)

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Aclam Guitars

 Kyoritsu music accessories

Since 2018, our main distributor in Japan is Okada Corporation.


We are opening a new distribution network in Japan together with Kyoritsu distributor, who will sell Evo Track, Modular Track, Smart Track pedalboards and Floating Guitar stand as well. Aclam Guitars’ products will be available in 13 stores throughout the country. With this partnership, we expand our international presence with a distributor with over 30 years in music retailing expertise.

About Kyoritsu
Founded in 1979, the company Kyoritsu began selling music instrument cases, introducing distribution of musical instrument accessories shortly after and expanded its facilities until today. Currently, Kyoritsu has six branches in addition to its headquarters, located in Nagoya.

The company is nowadays dedicated to meet the needs of Japanese musicians by selling instruments and accessories becoming one of the largest distributors in the country with 1.200 stores.

You’ll find our products in the following stores:

  • Gyokkodo Susukino Gakki Center, in Sapporo
  • Nandaya, in Tsuruoka
  • Yamano Rock Inn Kichijoji, in Musashino
  • Ishibashi Gakki Shibuya, in Shibuya
  • Ikebe Gakki Amp Station, in Shibuya
  • Ikebe Gakki Guitar Station, in Shibuya
  • Ikebe Gakki Grandey & Jungle, in Shibuya
  • Murai Gakki Matsuzaka, in Matzukaya
  • Ikebe Gakki Premium Guitars, in Osaka
  • Watanabe Gakki Osaka, in Osaka
  • Ikebe Gakki Revole, in Chiyoda
  • Music Showa, in Yamagata
  • Yamano Rock Inn Namba, in Osaka

Elegance and functionality, our pedalboards’ identity
If somethings makes the difference between the Japanese market and the European one is what professionals demand when choosing their music equipment. Daisuke Kamata, head of sales at Kyoritsu, knows that well: “in the Japanese market, it’s important for the product quality to meet expectations”; he also considers that working with us and represent our brand in Japan is “a very exciting opportunity”.

Kamata states that Aclam Guitars’ products are “elegant, functional and adaptable, qualities that make them a high quality asset for our customers”.

Presence in Asia
With this latest distribution agreement, we have presence in five Asian countries. Not to mention the network that we already have in North America and Europe, all of this being a result of a two-years intense work to bring our pedalboards to creative musicians. You can see all the shops where you can buy our pedalboards and guitar accessories here.