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The secret to choose your pedalboard’s size

The secret to choose your pedalboard’s size

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Aclam Guitars

Ask yourself some questions before buying the best pedalboard for you

When buying accessories for your guitar, we know that nothing is enough, and we also know that choosing 4 pedals from all your vast collection may be a hassle. That is why, once you decide to keep your effects pedals organized in a pedalboard, choosing the size that fits your set the best can become quite challenging...

“So, I own some pedals and need a pedalboard; but, which one will suit my needs? What if I keep buying pedals compulsively, will I have to buy a new pedalboard? I can barely hold a pick in my hands, will it be too heavy to move around?”

aclam pedalboard dimensions

We are going to summarize some important things that should be considered before buying a pedalboard and deciding for the right dimensions concerning your needs. You will have to answer yourself some important questions before making any decision:

1. How many guitar & bass pedals do I own right now?

This will guide you through the process of defining the pedalboard’s size for your current configuration. Knowing how many pedals do you have and how many pedals would you like to attach on a same pedalboard is important. But remember, you are a greedy creature, so new acquisitions will probably affect the space requirements taking us to the important dilemma…

2. How many effects pedals should I have?

Many of us think that too many pedals are never enough. Let’s face it, a mysterious force drives us to never stop trying out pedals and wanting them all! (well, most of them!). So, it’s always better to buy a larger pedalboard to have some free space for future must-have releases.

This is not really important if you are planning to buy an Aclam pedalboard. Why? Because thanks to its modular design, you will be able to increase dimensions and capacity of your pedalboard if this happens.

3. Where do I usually play? Home, recording studio or touring?

Sedentary playing at home or in the studio will allow you to use larger and heavier configurations due to the lack of transportation needs. If you are constantly moving around, think about how you do so. If it’s going to be beaten up in a regular basis you might as well go for a pedalboard's hard case; but if you need something portable and weightless because of your wandering about, a pedalboard's soft case will be the right option to carry your pedalboard.

There is an important connection between capacity and transportation comfort; the smaller the pedalboard is, the fewer pedals but easier mobility you will get; whereas the larger the board gets, more number of pedals you will fit, which will be proportional to the strength needed to carry the pedalboard around. Some exercise is always welcome however!

4. How do I get the aprox dimensions for my pedalboard?

Grab your effects pedals, place them on a table (or floor) with the desired layout, think about cables and patches, as they are going to need space between effects. Don’t put them very close, as the live excitement can make you activate the wrong push button! Additionally, add extra space for the pedals you still don’t own (but will). With the help of measuring tape have a look at the space taken, and now you should have an approximate idea of the pedalboard dimensions you need.

If you don’t wish to buy a larger than necessary pedalboard yet, you might be interested to know that Aclam pedalboards are modular. Meaning that you will have the chance to double the size of some pedalboards if needed; or you can buy a larger pedalboard and turn it into two smaller ones.

5. Ok! I know my ideal pedalboard dimensions. What do I do now?

Once you have all the answers in mind and you have a vague idea of what you need, just look for the best pedalboard for you.

You can take a look at the standard pedalboard sizes the Aclam’s pedalboard system can offer you. If you are looking for a custom size please send an e-mail to guitars@aclam.cat and let us know your pedalboard dimensions needs and we will look for the best option with our special sizes under request.

Aclam's standard pedalboards

The capacity shown is just for reference as it will depend on the order of your pedals and distribution.

Aclam Guitar Pedalboards Sizes

Small pedalboards (for the cautious & begginers)

The most portable & lightweight pedalboard, with low capacity & maximum comfort. This are the best option for bassists or guitar players that only use a few pedals & like to have them perfectly lined-up.

➡️ XS1 Pedalboards

Dimensions & capacity: 42 x 15 cm for 3 to 4 pedals

➡️ S1 Pedalboards⭐️best-seller pedalboard for bassists⭐️

Dimensions & capacity: 59 x 15 cm for 4 to 5 pedals

As the Aclam pedalboard's are modular, you could add an extra line of pedals to your pedalboard anytime you need and convert it to an XS2 or S2 pedalboard. Just send us an e-mail and we will let you know how to increase the capacity of your pedalboard.

Buy a small pedalboard

Medium pedalboards (For professional musicians)

The perfect balance between effects capacity and mobility. With this compact and solid pedalboards you will be able to build a complex yet portable setup for your effects pedals!

➡️ XS2 pedalboards

Dimensions & capacity: 42 x 30 cm for 5 to 7 pedals

➡️ S2 pedalboards ⭐️best-seller pedalboard for guitarists⭐️

Dimensions & capacity: 59 x 30 cm for 8 to 10 pedals

Buy a medium pedalboard

Large pedalboards (For effects pedal addicts)

The largest pedalboard you can find in our online shop catalogue (but not the largest one you can buy at Aclam). If the bigger standard pedalboard is still not big enough to attach all your pedals, let us know and we will build a custom sized pedalboard for you.

➡️ L2 Pedalboards

Dimensions & capacity: 82 x 15 cm for 10 to 14 pedals

Buy a large pedalboard


Now that you may have an idea of the pedalboard size you need, you are almost done at decide which pedalboard is the best for you.

Decide how to attach the effects pedals to the pedalboard

➡️ Smart Track®

An innovative patented method developed by Aclam to attach your effect pedals without using Velcro or any other sticky thing that will damage your pedal.

I want this!

➡️ Evo Track®

The classic hook and loop method, we offer super-strong VELCRO® brand straps.

➡️ Hybrid Track®

Combine both methods in the same pedalboard.

Decide how would you like to work the cable management

➡️ Top routing

Work on the cable management at the top of your pedalboard.

➡️ Free routing

The distance between slats let you work on cable management freely through the top and the bottom part of the pedalboard.

Buy the best pedalboard for you


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