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Aclam Guitars partnership: as European junction with Pensa Guitars

Today, Aclam is proud to be working with Rudy Pensa and his line of stupendous guitars. Much like Knopfler, Jordi Canivell (Aclam’s CEO and founder partner) has developed a lasting friendship with Rudy and the two have collaborated to offer Pensa guitars in Europe. In fact, we have a couple of the rare MK1 Classic right here if you're if you're ready to be a part of rock'n'roll history.

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“If I can make it there, I will make it anywhere...New York” so the song goes. Just ask Rudy Pensa, charismatic owner of legendary Rudy's Guitars in bustling Soho. The Argentine born New York native first opened his doors in 1978, forever changing the musical landscape and introducing budding and professional musicians alike to a world of passion and art, not to mention an extensive knowledge of guitars. It wasn't long before Rudy's Music Stop on 48th street established itself as the one stop shop for musicians everywhere.


Rudy's reputation as more than just your average music store owner quickly spread, with many young musicians flocking to his store for more than just an instrument. Rudy's enthusiasm for musical instruments, in particular guitars, ensured that anyone who walked through the doors at Rudy's was treated equally with care and respect, whether they were a multi-platinum selling artist or a kid in a bedroom with a dream. And come they did; it wasn't unusual to be trying out a new guitar beside on Jimi Hendrix. In fact, Rudy's reputation saw the creme de la creme frequenting his store, including Peter Frampton, Lou Reed, Eric Clapton and Lenny Kravitz.


His energy and passion for music then lead him to take things a step further when he set himself up as a luthier. Once again, Rudy made a name for himself as one of New York's finest luthiers, and as such started the heady task of designing and building his own line of guitars.


In 1980 Mark Knopfler wandered into Rudy's shop, by then in 48th street, and the two struck up a friendship that has lasted to this day. As the now legendary story goes, Knopfler had wanted to combine the sound of a Fender Stratocaster with that of an archtop Gibson Les Paul. He sketched the design on a napkin at a coffee shop just a few doors down from Rudy's, and as they say, history was made. The first electric guitar, the R Custom, was built in 1984 (originally called the Suhr after co designer John Suhr). This was followed by the much-coveted MK-1 Classic, a custom guitar that is infamously hard to get a hold of. The precise engineering and first-rate materials ensure that this is one of the finest guitars you can get your hands on, not to mention its unique, striking looks and exquisite sound.

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