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  • Dr Robert

    DR. ROBERT effect pedal

    Based on the normal channel of the VOX UL730 S/N 3042, this guitar & bass overdrive effect pedal will get you the amp’s soul and character. Get some of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Joy Division sounds out of this amp in a box!

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  • Smart Track

    SMART TRACK® - The Velcro alternative pedalboard

    Attach your effects pedals without Velcro® or other adhesives. We’ve developed a new pedalboard system that will keep your pedals clean and undamaged. Thanks to the reusable Aclam fasteners, that are included with your pedalboard.

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  • Build your custom pedalboard

    Build your custom pedalboard

    Build your custom pedalboard using the accessories range that will help you building tiers, attaching your power supply, managing your pedal cables and much more!

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  • Buy Pensa Custom Guitars & Basses

    Buy Pensa Custom Guitars & Basses

    Get one of Mark Knopfler's favourite guitars: Pensa MK-90 Ice Blue Metallic or any other Pensa Guitar model.

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    We're a small family-owned company born in the center of Barcelona. Our goal is to offer innovation and new functionalities thanks to our enthusiastic team that loves music as much as product design and technology. All of our products are assembled and tested one by one with care in Barcelona. 


What customers think about our products?

PSU Support - Universal Simple

10 July 2020 Brett Klein

Works well, but not perfect

It works well for a variety of power supplies, but I think the grip part needed to be wider to give more surface area. Also, the bolt could have used a second nut to help prevent it from unwinding over time. Minor...

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10 July 2020 Brett Klein

Makes the best pedalboard even better!

The added shelf gives me an entire additional row of pedals, with room underneath for ones that don't need changing very much, like my amp modeler pedal. Putting it together was easy, and it is constructed well.

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Smart Track® L2 - Top Routing

10 July 2020 Brett Klein

Absolutely phenomenal!

Completely cleaned up my pedals, allowed me to perfect how to lay them out without the commitments of velcro, and gives me a lot of flexibility. Wonderful pedalboard!

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Smart Track® L2 - Top Routing

04 July 2020 Timothy Broadley

Best gear purchase in 10 years

After reviewing the many options for a pedalboard, I decided to try the new, innovative approach (that avoids making a mess of my pedals with velcro). I could not be happier with the Aclam board. Great communication,...

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Dr. Robert

01 July 2020 Chang Ling Fatt

Must own pedal!

I bought the pedal through online store. Customer service is very responsive and friendly. The delivery via Fedex was faster than expected. I played with the pedal non-stop after receiving. It is a faithful recreation...

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Pedalboard side

02 June 2020 Max Weltz

A straight rod of metal

A bit expensive for a straight rail of metal, also, this is only 1x

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Fasteners 360º

02 June 2020 Max Weltz

Good quality but

I wish those were easier to fix without tools, also 19e for 4 (which in theory will accommodate only 1 pedal, but with some creative thinking you can probably use 3 per pedal and fix 3 pedals with 2x sets of 4) is a...

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02 June 2020 Max Weltz

Easy installation, does the job

Easy installation, does the job, seems solid

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PSU Support - Universal Simple

19 May 2020 Daniel Furgatch

they work on any power supply

I have an S2 board and am about to receive a second one. Would be nice if these were included with the board, but they allow any power supply to be attached to the underside of the board. Great boards too. My 2 boards...

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Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing

15 May 2020 Todd Baklayan

I love it so far

The fasteners hold all of my pedals securely. The cable routing kit makes it easy to have a really clean looking board. Right now I'm using a TrueTone CS7 mounted on top of the board, but will be switching to a...

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Smart Track® S2 - Top Routing

12 May 2020 Christian Downs

This is the pedal board you are looking for!

Finally, a pedalboard mounting option that does not require destroying pedalcases with Velcro, glue, or zip ties.The Smart Track system provides an easy, clean, solid mounting system for pedals (and anything else...

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Tidy Cables Pack

12 May 2020 Dylan Peters


Great for the thru board versions of the boards as you can use them on the top and bottom of the board. Expensive but worth getting - I'd recommend getting a couple of boxes as they don't go far.

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Smart Track® XS2 - Free Routing

12 May 2020 Dylan Peters

Very Sturdy and make routing easy.

This is my first pedalboard so don't have anything to compare it with. I went for this free routing model and glad I did as makes cable routing easy and tidy. Its a very sturdy board, its easy to adjust the angle of...

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Smart Track® S1 - Top Routing

06 May 2020 Chris Newlin

Exactly What I Needed

I needed a small/compact board for my studio that I could easily swap out my crazy amount of pedals without dealing with velcro or other proprietary mounting systems that required adhesive or mounting from underneath...

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28 Apr. 2020 Jay Leopold


Does exactly what’s needed - this is really a great system for cleaning up the pedal setup!

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Hybrid Track® S2 - Top Routing

28 Apr. 2020 Jay Leopold

This is a great setup

Love how clean and simple this setup is. Exactly what i was looking for

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Smart Track® L2 - Top Routing

23 Apr. 2020 Ian Ohan

Great Pedal Board

Great quality. Clip system is very clean. Very Happy with this board. Would love to see an Acclam Patch Bay.

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Dr. Robert

18 March 2020 Paul Carey

exceptionally good distortion pedal

Sure, there is the direct Beatles influence in designing this pedal, which is part of what made me get it, but there is really much more.Ive always loved those sounds on Revolver and Sargent Peppers and never...

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Advanced kit L2 - Top Routing

17 March 2020 Patrick Storedahl

Pedal Board

Fantastic pedal board!!! Sturdy and no Velcro or ties. Holds all my pedals and power nicely and the bag is terrific!

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VELCRO® brand strips - Hook

06 March 2020 Jean-Georges Gouazé

Good quality but...

Great but i find it a little short for the price...

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Get a free Dr. Robert mask with your order!

Get a free Dr. Robert mask with your order!

Promo! Get a free Dr. Robert mask with your effects pedal or pedalboard order until stocks last!

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Welcome to your guitar gear online store by Aclam Products for Guitars.
Here you will find a huge selection of accessories for your rig, from boutique effects pedals to the most complete collection of pedalboards. We hope you can find here whatever you are looking for.
We are music lovers and we love design and functionality, that is why we are always trying to get the best for you all, the real players.

The initial idea of a modular pedalboard has led Aclam to a constant pursuit of new ways to stimulate musicians to do what we love them to do. Boutique pedals, guitar products and pedal gear... what's next?
The Smart Track® method was developed from a simple idea, avoiding the need of having to stick hoop & loop or any erosive adhesive to the effects pedal. It may not affect the sound of your rig, but it may help if you want to sell that effects pedal in an impeccable condition. Reorganizing the pedalboard also results to be quick and easy using fasteners, forget about the effort of having to pull apart the effects pedal from the pedalboard's surface (at least if using extra-strong Velcro®), or the trace of glue all over the pedal once you had to remove the hoop & loop after it had gotten nasty.
Fasteners won't damage the pedals, they can be reused as many time as needed and will allow quick pedal swaps.
Keep your pedal gear in a safe, tidy and pristine manner with the Smart Track® method!

Even if you are looking for a studio pedalboard or for an onstage pedalboard, you can decide between many options, sizes and accessories to make your custom pedalboard.

Is Barcelona quite far from your homeplace? Don't worry! We are shipping worldwide.