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We are a small family-owned company born in the center of Barcelona. Our goal is to offer innovation and new functionalities thanks to our enthusiastic team. We are music lovers, and we love design and functionality, that is why we are always trying to design the best accessories for all of you, the real players. All our products are assembled and tested one by one with care in Barcelona. Know more about us.

Welcome to your guitar gear online store by Aclam Guitars. Here you will find a huge selection of accessories for your guitar and bass rig. From boutique effects pedals to the most complete collection of high quality and custom pedalboards. We hope you can find here whatever you are looking for, otherwise let us know using our contact details, we feed off your feedback and ideas.

The initial idea of a modular pedalboard has led Aclam to a constant pursuit of new ways to stimulate musicians to do what we love them to do. The Smart Track® patented method was developed from a simple idea, avoiding the need of having to stick hook & loop or any erosive adhesive on your effects pedals. It may not affect the sound of your rig, but it may help if you want to sell those stompboxes in an impeccable condition.

Reorganizing the pedalboard also results to be quick and easy using fasteners, forget about the effort of having to pull apart the effects pedal from the pedalboard's surface (at least when using extra-strong Velcro®), or the nasty trace of glue all over the pedal once you have removed the hook & loop stuck to it. Fasteners won't damage the pedals , they can be reused as many times as needed and will allow quick pedal swaps. Keep your pedal gear in a safe, tidy, and pristine manner with the Smart Track® method!

Even if you are looking for a studio pedalboard or for an onstage pedalboard, you can decide between many options, sizes, and accessories to make your custom pedalboard.

Vintage-inspired effects pedals that bring back to life some forgotten artifacts are definitely our thing. Using the finest components, investing some time on researching and replicating old tones for guitar & bass. We focus on specific eras and distinctive bands you all know such The Beatles, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Clapton, Page, Hendrix…
From a dual stage overdrive inspired on the vintage tube amp sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, to a replica of the tone produced by a rare amp used by The Beatles to record their landmark Revolver album, and a preamp that will allow you to attain Townshend’s legendary raw power. With new additions on the horizon to keep giving you tools to find your tone.

Is Barcelona quite far from your homeplace? Do not worry! We are shipping worldwide, and we have a list of dealers around the world. Find your dealer here!
So, after boutique pedals, guitar products and pedal gear... what will be next?