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  • Canivell Series

    Aclam is thrilled to introduce an exciting project. Imagine being able to customize your guitar to suit whatever sound you're chasing.

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  • Innovative custom pedalboards

    Towards modularity and pedal protection!

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  • Windmiller Preamp Effect Pedal

    Get your Windmiller Preamp

    Attain Pete Town****d's legendary tone & push your amp to its raw power!

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  • Dr Robert effect pedal

    Dr. Robert effect pedal

    Based on the normal channel of the VOX UL730 S/N 3042, this guitar & bass overdrive effect pedal will get you the amp’s soul and character. Get some of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Joy Division sounds out of this amp in a box!

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  • Smart Track

    SMART TRACK® - The adhesive-less pedalboard

    Attach your effects pedals without hook and loop or any other adhesive. We’ve developed a new pedalboard system that will keep your pedals clean and undamaged. Thanks to the reusable Aclam fasteners, that are included with your pedalboard.

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  • Fast fastener

    Fast Fasteners are coming soon

    Reduce the time to secure your effects pedals with this fastener upgrade for Smart Track® users. Your fingers are all you need to secure your effects and keep them clean!

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  • Build your custom pedalboard

    Build your custom pedalboard

    Build your custom pedalboard using the accessories range that will help you building tiers, attaching your power supply, managing your pedal cables and much more!

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  • Buy Pensa Custom Guitars & Basses

    Buy Pensa Custom Guitars & Basses

    Get one of Mark Knopfler's favourite guitars: Pensa MK-90 Ice Blue Metallic or any other Pensa Guitar model.

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    We're a small family-owned company born in the center of Barcelona. Our goal is to offer innovation and new functionalities thanks to our enthusiastic team that loves music as much as product design and technology. All of our products are assembled and tested one by one with care in Barcelona. 


What customers think about our products?

Starter Kit

19 July 2021 Michael Horak

The S1 is a great small board.

I was looking for a pedal board the did not require velcro. Aclam has a great product here and all the parts of the kit work together to hold the pedals I was looking to use. I should have bought a bigger board....

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Advanced kit XS2 - Top routing

29 June 2021 Kelly Fry

The perfect pedal board!

First off, shipping to the United States was really quick (to my suprise), within a week. This is such a quality product. Everything locks up tight and the travel case is of equal quality. Well worth the money spent.

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Pedalboard track

24 June 2021 David Bullock

Upgraded Pedalboard

I already had the Smart Track S1 board (59cm). I upgraded this to a 83 cm wide version to fit all the pedals I needed. Being able to buy just the track enabled me to do this without having to but a whole new board....

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Wahpper+ (no track included)

18 June 2021 Jason Lee

Nicely made

Very good quality. Added a row to my board with these and like everything else Aclam, versatile how you arrange it. With all the changes I make to my board re-thinking my rig, this one board can be reconfigured to...

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Advanced Kit XS2 - Free Routing

02 June 2021 Patrik Westerberg

Flexible and high quality

The Smart Track is a brilliant "invention" of the Aclam guys! The pedalboard is very sturdy and flexible and of very high quality. The fasteners do their job and feel very convincing. The "free routing" system allows...

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Smart Track® XS2 - Top Routing

19 May 2021 Laurent WEILER


Ayant fait le tour des pedalboard, ce produit est tout simplement génial. C'est beau, c'est propre, robuste, stable et vraiment bien pensé. Bref c'est LE pedalboard qu'il faut !!! Sachant qu'il est aussi...

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Tidy Cables Pack

19 May 2021 Laurent WEILER


Très pratique, très bien pensé mais vraiment trop cher. 12 euros pour 10 morceaux de plastique !

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Advanced kit S2 - Free Routing

19 May 2021 Samuel Payne

Great product, fast shipping to U.S.

Amazingly this arrived in less than 5 days to central Illinois from Spain and that was over a weekend. Very nice system love the pedal board. If in doubt get the larger board (Im glad I did) because the fasteners...

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The Windmiller Preamp

18 May 2021 John donofrio

The second best pedal I have.

The best pedal I have is the Dr. Roberts. This is almost as good. Both are absolutely fantastic and do exactly what they promise. I saw one comment that said it was not good at bedroom level but I had no problem at...

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The Windmiller Preamp

14 May 2021 Martin Dunvegan


For those of you thinking this is a distortion or overdrive, it is neither. It is rather a unique approach to saturating your amp. It's the type of pedal that I just leave on all the time. I've played through my...

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Smart Track® XS2 - Top Routing

13 May 2021 Michael Jenkins

Easy To Set Up

Very easy to set up and route everything. Also no velcro glue on my pedals.

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Tidy Cables

08 May 2021 Vincent Miller

Excellent idea

These are excellent for keeping your power cables and patch cables in place and tidy well made and robust happy customer

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Clean Pedalboard!

I love this pedalboard. Super clean organization. I love that I can remove the pedals easily and rearrange without having to deal with velcro. My Dr. Robert fits on it perfectly. Looks great and works great. highly...

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Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing

04 May 2021 Ed Casaccio

Pedal Board

I wanted a pedal board that is easy to change pedals around and does not require velcro. This board is the best design if that is what you are looking for. My son and I both have Aclam pedal boards and we love them!

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Fast Fastener

30 Apr. 2021 Vincent Morda

Aclam pedalboard fasteners

Love these new twist to lock fasteners! Look great and makes pedal changes quick! Makes a great pedalboard even better... thank you!

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The Windmiller Preamp

30 Apr. 2021 James Morgan


Listen, this pedal gives you the growl to devour all these phony baloney guitarist. I cant tell you how much i love this thing. Buy it, you wont regret it

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Smart Track® S2 - Top Routing

29 Apr. 2021 Lewis Malcolm

Not right for me but a great product and great service.

Board ended up being too big for me but was brilliantly built. Service from Joel was absolutely amazing with my return.

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The Windmiller Preamp

28 Apr. 2021 tom chauncey


i was excited to receive my windmill Preamp! so i plugged it into my pedal board directly after my guitar as the fist pedal followed by a compressor and then my various pedals. i'm experiencing some clipping when...

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19 March 2021 Pierre GESLOT

If you screw too much, they're stuck forever

I don't know why. Tried everything to unstuck them (WD40, impact screwdriver...). Please improve the design, thanks. The fast fastener is an improvement but much too expensive. :-(

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PSU Support - Universal Simple

16 Feb. 2021 Philippe sudry

Efficient !

Hello. I had some issues to fix a cioks dc5 with this support. A few days later Aclam send me free spare sparts that solved the problem at once. Great products ...and great service ! Thanks a lot !

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Latest Aclam's Blog Entries

Welcome to your guitar gear online store by Aclam Products for Guitars.
Here you will find a huge selection of accessories for your rig, from boutique effects pedals to the most complete collection of pedalboards. We hope you can find here whatever you are looking for.
We are music lovers and we love design and functionality, that is why we are always trying to get the best for you all, the real players.

The initial idea of a modular pedalboard has led Aclam to a constant pursuit of new ways to stimulate musicians to do what we love them to do. Boutique pedals, guitar products and pedal gear... what's next?
The Smart Track® method was developed from a simple idea, avoiding the need of having to stick hoop & loop or any erosive adhesive to the effects pedal. It may not affect the sound of your rig, but it may help if you want to sell that effects pedal in an impeccable condition. Reorganizing the pedalboard also results to be quick and easy using fasteners, forget about the effort of having to pull apart the effects pedal from the pedalboard's surface (at least if using extra-strong Velcro®), or the trace of glue all over the pedal once you had to remove the hoop & loop after it had gotten nasty.
Fasteners won't damage the pedals, they can be reused as many time as needed and will allow quick pedal swaps.
Keep your pedal gear in a safe, tidy and pristine manner with the Smart Track® method!

Even if you are looking for a studio pedalboard or for an onstage pedalboard, you can decide between many options, sizes and accessories to make your custom pedalboard.

Is Barcelona quite far from your homeplace? Don't worry! We are shipping worldwide.