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Cinnamon Drive

Welcome to a new level of tube-like overdriven tones




The Cinnamon Drive pedal is an original overdrive design created from the ground. A combination of soft and hard clipping circuits which starts from a clean preamp to a light overdrive, leading to a highly saturated distortion to cover a wide range of tones.

Approach the British vintage tube amp sound of the 60’s and 70’s

Original design, created from the ground

✔ Highest versatility with the fewest controls possible

✔ Dual stage clipping circuits

✔ A lot of dynamics and a natural tone

✔ True bypass relay switching

Smart Track® Fastening System


Internal controls





Aclam demo


Youtube demos



Cinnamon Drive audio samples

Mid gain overdrive + volume boost

Creamy solo tone


Dual channel clean boost

Bright soft OD + Extra gain stage + ind. volume



Get inspired with Cinnamon Drive's playlist


What's said


"One of the most dynamic and realistically “tubey” overdrive"

"With its touch-sensitive and authentic-sounding means of achieving tube-toned overdrive, the Cinnamon Drive is impressive enough to earn an Editors’ Pick Award.”

Guitar Player (Editors' pick award)


"Aclam shoots for “the ultimate riff machine” with Cinnamon Drive pedal"

“Barcelona’s Aclam - famed for its Smart Track modular pedalboards - has introduced its first pedal, the Cinnamon Drive, which it has designed to be “the ultimate riff machine”

Music radar



"Slather on Some Sweet and Savory Sixties and Seventies Sounds"

“The Aclam Cinnamon Drive overdrive pedal, handmade in Barcelona, Spain, is a true hearkening back to those days of coily cords, big bell bottoms, and vinyl records.”

The tone king


"The new Cinnamon Drive is essentially two pedals in one.

“The new Cinnamon Drive will make toast of some of the other drive pedals currently on the market and the dual drives are very tasty.”

Maverick magazine



Cinnamon Drive tech specs

Dimensions: 13,6 x 8,7 x 5,5cm (5,4” x 3,4” x 2,2”) with knobs
BypassRelay true bypass
Power requirements9V DC Center Negative or a 9V battery
 Current draw: ≈35 mA
 Included: 1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad

Download the complete user manual



The Story of our first pedal

The world is full of guitar and bass effects pedals, we all know that (that's the main reason we are producing our own pedalboards), so we thought it would be better to look at it from a sensible point of view. We had to initiate a quest to find that sound, feeling or defect that has shaped the sound of music up to today; we could always clone an existing pedal if we got tired of trying to be innovative.

We knew we had to keep going and thinking of interesting sounds that could potentially become the next “I never knew I needed one” stompbox. So, our first attempt in the world of guitar and bass effects was an approach to the vintage tube amp sound of the 60’s and 70’s: The Cinnamon Drive.

Marcel & Marc, our guitar geeks at Aclam wanted to make the most versatile circuit tone-wise, trying to capture the nuances of a 60’s and 70’s British tube amp. Not an easy task folks! But what if we tell you another requisite was to create it from the ground up as an original design, with no inspiration on any green, yellow, black, gold or any color of overdrive pedal you’re familiarized with? We know what you’re thinking: That's impossible!

You know we like difficult challenges. So after many months of development, hearing old records of heroes like Hendrix, Page, Clapton and many others, comparing it with a myriad of other overdrive pedals and testing it side to side with real tube amps: we did it!

The Cinnamon Drive: the overdrive pedal that sounds good in every knob position and virtually every amp you plug it into. Thanks to its clever design which includes soft and hard clipping and gain cascading circuits it can be a dual booster, a dual overdrive or an overdrive with a booster. And you may ask... "Why Cinnamon Drive?" Well, just as Neil Young said...

“We wanted to live with a Cinnamon Drive,

we could be happy the rest of our lives,

with a Cinnamon Drive”.

And guess what? We did it, and now you can do it too!

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