Cinnamon Drive: The essence of the vintage tube amps in an effect pedal

The Cinnamon Drive pedal features a combination of soft and hard clipping circuits.

Highly versatile dual stage overdrive pedal

Starting from a clean preamp to a light overdrive, leading to a highly saturated distortion to cover a wide range of tones. Easy to control and with internal fine-tuning controls for the most demanding players.

Capture the essence of the 60’s and 70’s tube amps

When pushed to max volume like Clapton, Page or Hendrix did to get their distinctive sound. Play this boutique overdrive pedal and get the feel of your favorite vintage tube amp, highly dynamic and touch responsive.


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Cinnamon Drive Features

Dual stage clipping circuits

The first stage of this boutique overdrive pedal uses a custom soft clipping circuit voiced to cover clean to mid-gain overdrive. The dual overdrive pedal second stage builds upon the first stage and stacks a hard-clipping circuit to add gain and tightness.

Highest versatility with the fewest controls possible

Dial in two totally different overdrive tones with independent volume controls, a true dual overdrive pedal experience.

A lot of dynamics and a natural tone

Both stages share the same passive tone control, retaining bottom end and mid-range while softening high frequencies. Highest headroom and dynamic range due to its power supply circuit to increase internal voltage.

True bypass relay switching

With this boutique overdrive pedal you’ll never get any signal interruption even if your power supply or battery fails. Intelligent true bypass relay switching system which constantly monitors voltage supply (both battery or DC Jack input) and switches itself to true bypass when it detects a drastic drop in voltage.

Easy pedalboard setup

Custom enclosure designed to match Smart Track® pedalboards. This dual overdrive pedal also comes with a super-strong Velcro® pad for standard pedalboards.


Cinnamon Drive tech specs

Dimensions: 13,6 x 8,7 x 5,5cm (5,4” x 3,4” x 2,2”) with knobs
BypassRelay true bypass
Power requirements9V DC Center Negative or a 9V battery
 Current draw: ≈35 mA
 Included: 1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad

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Internal controls



Cinnamon Drive audio samples

Mid gain overdrive + volume boost

Creamy solo tone

Dual channel clean boost

Bright soft OD + Extra gain stage + ind. volume


Demos and reviews of the Cinnamon Drive pedal



What It's Said About The Cinnamon Drive Effect Pedal

"One of the most dynamic and realistically “tubey” overdrive"

"With its touch-sensitive and authentic-sounding means of achieving tube-toned overdrive, the Cinnamon Drive is impressive enough to earn an Editors’ Pick Award.”

Guitar Player (Editors' pick award)


"Aclam shoots for “the ultimate riff machine” with Cinnamon Drive pedal"

“Barcelona’s Aclam - famed for its Smart Track modular pedalboards - has introduced its first pedal, the Cinnamon Drive, which it has designed to be “the ultimate riff machine”

Music radar



"Slather on Some Sweet and Savory Sixties and Seventies Sounds"

“The Aclam Cinnamon Drive overdrive pedal, handmade in Barcelona, Spain, is a true hearkening back to those days of coily cords, big bell bottoms, and vinyl records.”

The tone king


"The new Cinnamon Drive is essentially two pedals in one.

“The new Cinnamon Drive will make toast of some of the other drive pedals currently on the market and the dual drives are very tasty.”

Maverick magazine



Setting up on a pedalboard

Take advantage of our custom enclosure to attach the effect pedal to your pedalboard.

We incorporated a proprietary locking system which allows the user to fasten the pedal without the need of using the typical hook and loop method. This custom fastening system follows the same philosophy behind the Smart Track fasteners but integrated in the enclosure reducing the space occupied by each pedal.
That translates into more pedal density for the same space, and who doesn’t want that? We strongly recommend you to take a look at our line of pedalboards, which are the best complement to our pedals!

velcro pedalboard attach effect

Velcro pedalboard

Take the included super strong Velcro® pad and stick it on the base plate. Again, make sure the base is clean of dirt and dust.

how to attach aclam pedal to smart track pedalboard

Smart Track pedalboard®

Add the anti-sliding rubber pad at the bottom of your pedal, specially shaped for this unit. Surface must be clean and dry before applying adhesive pad.

Loosen the 2 thumb screws to unlock the bottom pieces out of the pedal. Place the pedal, inserting the bottom pieces inside the grooves.

Move the pedal to its final position. Tighten the two thumb screws with your hands or with a screwdriver.


DIY woodboard

You can screw the pedal directly to your pedalboard with wood bolts through the enclosure side holes.


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