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News, trends and tips about pedals and pedalboards

At Aclam we like to learn new stuff related to our passion for music. Just like you, we browse the net searching for novelties, seeking answers to how a piece of gear works, reviews of new proposals from our favorite brands and professional tips from our praised guitar heroes. We are constantly collaborating with our endorsers and have great partners with years of expertise in the industry, mainly pedal and amp builders, who provide a fair amount of useful knowledge for our hungry minds.

So, this blog will feature tips, news, trends and other matters that may result helpful and, hopefully, enjoyable. From pedalboard setups to effects pedal components, we will try to suggest the best pedal order possible to make the most of your gear, explain the difference between true bypass and buffered effects, and much more!

Take a look at the different categories and find your preferred topic.

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"The Mocker" fuzz pedal for lonely hearts ❤️‍????
After months of research "The Mocker" is back!
The ultimate guide: How to set up a pedalboard
Get the most out of your pedals with this comprehensive guide to setting up a pedalboard. Learn how to choose the right board for you based on size, material, construction, attaching method, and accessories. Power up your pedals with confidence and improve your sound with insights on the importance of good quality cables.
Pedalplayground: How to use this pedalboard planner | Aclam Guitars
Try different configurations and layout as many pedalboards as you need until you plan the pedalboard of your dreams. Choose your pedalboard, add as many effects as you wish; drag and drop them at your desired location…Plan & organize your pedalboard online, easy & free with the most user-friendly pedalboard planner!
The secret to choose your pedalboard’s size (2024) | Aclam Guitars
Which is the best pedalboard size for you? Read the ultimate guide and get your perfect pedalboard!
How to sound like Eric Clapton (Cream) | Aclam Guitars
Have you ever wanted to sound like Eric Clapton? In this article you will find a couple of tips to get a similar Clapton Tones, and some effects and devices you can use to get his sound.
Introducing The New Woman Tone pedal | Aclam Guitars
A tribute to Eric Clapton's iconic sound.
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Hope you enjoy the read, and feel free to suggest a topic for us to cover and we will find the right person to shed light on the matter. From preferred pedalboard setups to the insides of a vintage amp, if you have a concern let us know and we will do our best to get that piece of information for you.

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