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Special Deals and Last Units

Aclam Special Deals

Whether you are a six-string enthusiast, or plucking the low end on a bass, in this section you will find the best assortment of products at Aclam’s online store, occasional bundles, special deals and last units!

Not quite sure which product suits you best? Contact us and so we can help you out finding the most convenient product for your needs. You can als check other sections of Aclam’s online store so you don't miss a thing!

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Aclam’s modularity is based on the combination of pedalboards with smart accessories that allow customization and more functionality.

In order to offer the best value pack possible, at Aclam we have bundled the most sold accessories, the Tidy Cables cable organizer and PSU supports, so you can save money acquiring the best pedalboard for your needs. Most customers place a second order for those accessories they thought didn’t need when purchasing the pedalboard. At Aclam we want to help you completing your order in your first try by offering the must-have accessories, you’re welcome!

The bundles include the Starter kit, an entry-level Smart Track S1 with Tidy Cables and PSU Support. A great option if you need a simple setup or you are just beginning to collect pedals.

For more demanding users, the Advanced kit will offer any choice of two-tracked pedalboards with the Tidy Cables Pack and PSU Support Simple.

All these pedalboards include the Soft Case for easy transportation and enhanced protection.

Aclam’s pedalboards are made of anodized aluminum, conferring sturdiness and light-weight to the whole system.

Use the rear adjustable legs to set the height and inclination of the best pedalboard for your needs. Thanks to them you’ll find stability on uneven floors and stages, making life easier for demanding musicians.

Tidy cables will be handy if you want to keep a neat and tidy pedalboard. Use these clips along the pedalboard’s grooves to route the cabling in a professional manner.
Hide your favorite PSU underneath the pedalboard with the PSU Support included in these packs and use all the space available on the top of the board for your effects pedals.

This and many more special deals are available at Aclam’s online store. Purchase the option that suits you best and don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find what you were looking for. We ship worldwide!

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