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Pedalboard Accessories: Tiers, Power Supplies, Fasteners and more!

We know how exciting building your own pedalboard can be; therefore, we want to give you as many choices as possible, with our smart accessories for the Aclam pedalboards, to allow you to build your imagined ideal pedalboard. That's why we offer a wide range of pedalboard accessories that give solutions for inputs received by users.





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Customize and build your perfect pedalboard using accessories to help you with:

Cable management: Connect your pedals and clean up pedalboard cables

✅ Power Supplies & Supports: Give power to your effects pedals, hold and protect the power supply

Tiers: Adapt the height of your pedals and build tiers and second levels

✅ Cases: Protect your pedalboard with a soft case or hard case

✅ Custom & Spare Parts: Buy spare parts if  you need more or to build your 100% custom pedalboard.

If any of the following questions looks familiar to you, you are at the right place:

- How to mount the power supply unit to yor pedalboard? With a power supply that will fit underneath your pedalboard!.
- How to manage cables and keep them tidy and organized? With some tidy cables!.
- Is it possible to elevate the second row of pedals? Sure, take a look at our Tier and risers’ catalogue!.
- How can I optimize space on my pedalboard? Do you use flat patch pedal cables? Check them out!.
- Do you have so many gigs this year and you forgot to buy a soft case? Choose one of our pedalboard cases!.

Whether you already have an Aclam pedalboard or you are just thinking about getting one, we have everything you need to build your own custom pedalboard. We also sell spare pieces, so you can custom even more your Aclam pedalboard. If you are a Lego lover and a pedal freak, you need to know that we have received many "freaky" constructions of our pedalboards. You'll make our day if you share your pics with us using the hashtag #myrigmyrules in instagram.

Consult our catalog and see all the possibilities for customizing your pedalboard that are available. If you have an idea that can't be done with the current accessories let us know, many of them where created based on user suggestions. If you don't have a clue about what you need, please send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will try to shed some light on the best option for you.

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