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Aclam's Vintage-Inspired Effects Pedals

Aclam’s boutique guitar and bass pedals are handmade using high quality components to ensure reliability and sound quality. If you want to know more about Aclam as an effect pedal manufacturer, discover the story behind all our effects, meet the team, learn about the custom enclosure, and much more... click here!

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The approach for innovation attained on our pedalboard line has been our cornerstone to produce our line of effects pedals with a story behind them. We are not re-issuing the same guitar pedal with different presentation as can be seen in many proposals that are launched these days. Our growing catalogue of guitar & bass effects pedals focuses on a different sound approach than what we have seen lately, seeking sounds that in one way or another have defined music history, making each pedal to tell you a story.

All the effects pedals come with Aclam’s custom-made enclosure, which takes advantage of the fastener system present in Smart Track® pedalboards but are totally compatible with other options in the market. Know more here

Check out the detailed info of our boutique guitar pedals and if you are still hesitant don’t think it twice and contact us, via email, phone or social media; who better than the effects pedal creator to resolve any concern that may arise, take advantage of our approachable staff!

Guitar and bass pedals are becoming a way musicians have to find that tone that will allow them to differentiate their sound from the rest; or alternatively, to sound similar to the guitar hero you have always admired. You can make an affordable amp sound like a top-of-the-range one using the proper effects pedals, in fact, our boutique guitar pedal the Cinnamon Drive will make you feel you are plugged to a cranked-up Marshall amp, without the need of the big expense. The Dr. Robert effects pedal will also provide an approach to the sound of a prohibitive vintage amp, without all the hassle of finding one and paying for it.

If you are already a Smart Track® pedalboard user, make the most of the built-in fastening system our guitar and bass pedals come with. Place the effects pedals with ease and with minimum space consumption on our boards, or use any alternative using the Velcro® pad supplied with Aclam’s boutique guitar and bass pedals.

Check out Aclam’s whole catalogue to find the best companion for your guitar and bass effects pedals and follow us in order to get the latest news and promotions!

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