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Why do you need a guitar stand? | Aclam Guitars

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Why do you need a guitar stand?

floating guitar support

They can be considered working tools, treasures, collector’s items, gifts, whims... but also decorative pieces. Guitars are very important in our lives, we love them, we take care of them, we tune them. Once we have finished dedicating their daily care, guitars go back to the corner, case or wherever we are keeping them hidden.

But what if it was not necessary to store them away? We could turn them into decorative objects and still not give up having them reachable whenever we want to play with them.

At this point, it may be tricky to find a guitar support that meets our expectations without spoiling the guitar. And having found a system which pleases us, the materials used on them are kind of too weak for such great goods.

If you have read this far, probably been through it too. Haven't you? 

In Aclam Guitars, we are huge guitars enthusiasts. That is why we decided to design a support which would allow them to be displayed as decorative pieces without giving up its usability.

This was how the Floating Guitar was born some time ago, made of highly resistant materials that take advantage of the guitar's strap button location to keep it secured. This support attaches to the back side of the guitar, allowing it to be installed on the wall or on the different selection of bases we have available.

Without sacrificing a decorative function, the pedestal is made of tempered glass, resistant and transparent, giving prominence to the guitar. Regarding the base, until now it has only been available in stainless steel, but we are shortly adding some wooden options to our catalogue.

Do you own a special shaped guitar? No problem, we have developed parts that fit the most common guitar contours (strato, LP, Tele, SG, ES335 and similar) and are open to specific requests. You can see all our variety of guitar supports and accessories here and, if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

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    • Avatar
      abr 30, 2024

      I’d like t buy a floating stand for the floor. Not sure how to.

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