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Advanced kit - free routing - S2: special deal

Advanced kit - Free Routing - S2

Smart Track® S2 free routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack


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Aclam’s best-seller size can now be found in a value pack including the Free Routing models, which have not been available until now. The perfect pedalboard bundle for those who do not want to harm their pedals using glues or similar. The free routing design consists of a slatted pedalboard with spaces to pass cables through, unlike the Top Routing models. Get all the necessary in one purchase, with the PSU support and cable organization accessories. Check it out now!


Aclam’s Advanced Kit S2 - free Routing includes the Smart Tack® S2 – free routing pedalboard with the soft case specifically designed for it, so you can move around with ease. Enough fasteners will be included to fit up to 10 standard-sized effects pedals using the Smart Track® fastening method.

Free Routing pedalboards have a slatted design so cables can be routed through from the top to underneath the pedalboard.

The PSU Support Universal Simple will allow you to have extra space on the pedalboard, as you can hide the PSU underneath.

Last but not least, the Tidy Cables Pack will help you tidily route cables along the pedalboard. It is very useful to sort out the hanging cables under the board and build the perfect pedalboard.


Aclam’s best-selling pedalboard size, the S2, is now available with spaces to pass cables through. With the same modular features and accessory compatibilities, build your perfect pedalboard from out of the box using the must-have accessories included in this value pack.

Other accessories such as tiers and PSU are available at Aclam’s online store, do not forget to check them out before you checkout.

The soft case included in the Advanced Kit S2 - Free Routing pack will be useful to move around without adding unnecessary weight and protecting what really matters. Compatible with all accessory combinations, except for the Wahpper +, this nylon case is a must have if you are planning to take your pedalboard for a walk.


Aclam’s Advanced Kit S2 – free routing includes accessories at a special price, and you will not have to pay extra shipping costs for ordering them later. The perfect pedalboard with the best value for money.

Aclam’s Advanced Kit S2 – free routing is the perfect pedalboard for those who have around 10 pedals and need a reliable solution with all the basics covered. For those who prefer having the cable layout on top of the pedalboard check the Top Routing options.

Save time and money with this Kit or check the other available sizes and cable routing options. Contact us if you need any help!

Smart Track® S2 free routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack

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2.4 Kg (5.3 lbs)
Laquered aluminum
Pedalboard size
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
S2 (8-10 pedals)
59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")
Pedalboard + Fasteners + Softcase + PSU Support S + Tidy Cables Pack
Cable Routing
Free Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs
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What customers think about this product?

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- 08 July 2023

Easy installation and tremendous cable management

Once upon a time, I had a traditional, rather cheap pedalboard-in-a-case on which velcro held the pedals mostly in place. Soon, I got tired of things moving slightly (due to weak velcro, I know there's better stuff out there now) and I wasn't too happy with sticky tape on the pedal backs, so I went full modeler and called it a day with a single OEM board.
But over the course of time, requirements for different tunings etc. appeared and the number of pedals that had to be placed on-stage grew.
Knowing that velcro wasn't the solution I searched the web for a better solution and there it was: The Aclam board.
Playing a different modeler now that (at least in my opinion) has a better "acceptance" for external pedals, the Aclam securely holds an expression pedal, a BOSS receiver, a Drop, a Polytune, a Fortin Grind, an ES-5 and an analog delay for those freaky oscillating effects I pull out of the hat nowadays.
Underneath the board, the Cioks DC7 sits tightly and the cable management on the "free routing" board is amazing (with the little "Tidy Cable" covers and holders.
Everything's organized now and I'm happy as can be, I just hope the rubber doesn't dry out too fast.

- 16 May 2023

No more Velcro .. yes

Nice strong light gig ready pedal and no more Velcro .. adding on with the next level attachment too!!!

- 07 Apr. 2023

Great idea, great realization!

Works just fine. My pedals are kept firmly in place, yet swapping them is a breeze. Thumbs up for swift customer service, too (I had a question related to order status and the answer came quickly). Thank you, Aclam!

- 31 March 2023
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
- 13 Feb. 2023

No more velcro

I was looking for a practical pedal board solution that did not require the use of velcro. I find the fastening method to be secure and the free routing option is a good compromise that lets me connect the pedals and then tuck away everything neatly. It does take a bit of learning to optimize where to place the pedal fasteners in order to optimize the available space, but that is a fair tradeoff for this design. The rear deck riser inserts could use an extra 1cm to provide a little more clearance for cables when connecting to the rear jacks of pedals on the lower deck. I use a Voodoo Lab power supply and found that the mounts were not as secure as the ones developed for the pedals. However, this is a manageable issue. The quality of the materials is good and the design is well thought out and executed. All things considered, for the price, I found that this was the best pedal board solution available on the market today if you are looking for one that does not require velcro.

- 19 Oct. 2022

Great product, fast shipping to U.S.

Amazingly this arrived in less than 5 days to central Illinois from Spain and that was over a weekend. Very nice system love the pedal board. If in doubt get the larger board (Im glad I did) because the fasteners take up a bit of space on either side of a pedal.

- 19 May 2021