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Advanced kit - top routing - S2: special deal


Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing


Smart Track® S2 top routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack

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Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing

Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing

Smart Track® S2 top routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack

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Product description

Aclam’s best pedalboard in terms of size can be found in a value pack format, the Advanced Kit S2 – top routing. Including the first non-adhesive pedalboard line in the market, it’s the best pedalboard option for those who enjoy re-configuring their board in a quick, clean and smart manner. This bundle will include the most sold accessories so you can start building the best pedalboard for your needs from the day you receive it. Check the store and save money!


Aclam’s Advanced Kit S2 - Top Routing includes the Smart Tack® S2 – top routing pedalboard with the soft case specifically designed for it. You will receive x40 fasteners to fit up to 10 standard-sized effects pedals using the Smart Track® fastening method.

The PSU Support Universal Simple will allow you to place your favorite power supply underneath the pedalboard, no more waste of top space for effects pedals.

Finally, the Tidy Cables Pack will help you routing all the cables in a tidy and neat manner. Remember that top routing models will keep cables on top of the board but can be routed with no hassle across the pedalboard’s grooves. You will be prepared to find connection problems quickly with no need of turning the pedalboard over.


Aclam’s best-selling pedalboard, the Smart Track S2® - top routing, has modular features that differentiates it from other proposals in the market (apart from the unique pedal attaching system). Having realized that most (if not all) Smart Track® users have sooner or later bought the PSU support and the cable organizer, we decided to save time and money with the Advanced Kit S2 - Top Routing value pack.

Complete the best pedalboard possible with other accessories, such as the Upper if you need an elevated row of pedals, the Wahpper if you want to lift some pedals but still want a flat space for your Wahwah, or other cable organizers and PSU supports.

The soft case included in the pack will always help you moving all your gear without adding weight and protecting your stompboxes. No matter the accessories you choose to use, Aclam’s nylon case for this pedalboard will accommodate the board and addons.


Aclam’s Advanced Kit S2 – top routing includes accessories at a lower price than if purchased separately, so have a look at what you need and consider this option if you want the best value for money possible.

With Aclam’s Advanced Kit S2 – top routing you will be getting the best pedalboard with the must-have accessories that others failed to realize they needed before receiving the pedalboard. Save time and money with this Kit or check the other available sizes. Not finding what you were looking for? Contact us and we will help you!

Product features

Fastening Method
Smart Track®
S2 (8-10 pedals)
59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")
Pedalboard - Softcase - PSU Support S - Tidy Cables Pack
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
2.4 Kg (5.3 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Back legs


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What customers think about this product?

15 May 2020

I love it so far

The fasteners hold all of my pedals securely. The cable routing kit makes it easy to have a really clean looking board. Right now I'm using a TrueTone CS7 mounted on top of the board, but will be switching to a Strymon Zuma mounted underneath the board. I'll update my review when I do that.

04 Jan. 2020
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