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Fasteners: the reliable Velcro® alterantive to attach your effects pedals

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Attach your effects pedals to a Smart Track® pedalboard

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Product description

The desire to offer something different from what the other dozens of pedalboard manufacturers were doing was the premise to follow from the beginning. At Aclam we soon noticed that no one had looked into an evolved system to attach pedals to the board, so we came out with the Fasteners, the first reliable Velcro® alternative that will prevent you from sticking stuff to your expensive boutique pedals.  


Velcro® is fine, Aclam’s line of Velcro® pedalboards Evo Track® and Hybrid Track® include an extra strong version of these popular hook and loop fasteners. The idea behind Aclam’s Fasteners is to change the press-pull sequence for a screw-unscrew motion. With this Velcro® alternative you won’t have to stick stuff to your boutique pedals, keeping them in prime condition and equally fastened to the board.


Made of polyamide, the Fasteners are designed to apply pressure on the effects pedals to keep them in place. The anti-slip rubber surface that is in contact with the stompbox will avoid it to get scratched or harmed. To ensure a sturdy fixation, the fastener tilts against the pedal when screwing it in place.


Just place the effects pedal at the desired position. While keeping the pedal in place press the fastener against the pedal and with a screwdriver fasten it to the board. Aclam recommends using four fasteners per effects pedal, but some smaller effects pedals can be fastened with two, and other bigger ones can be fastened with more than four if found necessary.

Pedals which have non-rectangular shapes or that need fastening from top and bottom, rather than from the sides, will need Fasteners 360º to attach them properly to the board.

Two Fasteners options are available at our online store, pack for one pedal which includes 4 pieces, and packs for five pedals which include 20 units.

Aclam’s Fasteners are compatible with all Smart Track® and Hybrid Track® pedalboards and have been designed to be reused as many times as needed without losing grip. With this Velcro® alternative you’ll always keep your pedals neat and clean, as well as secured, no one will be able to pull off one of your stompboxes furtively, unless they carry a screwdriver, which is not the most common item one carries around.

Product features

Works with
Smart Track® pedalboards
Fastener dimensions
2.7 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm (1" x 0.86" x 0.86")
4 or 20 units
Worldwide shipping Worldwide shipping
Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction

What customers think about this product?

31 Aug. 2021

Glow up

Writing it down here, because I feel this is the lynchpin offering.
So everyone who's got a smart track pedalboard or contemplates getting one knows these are the best, smartest, cleanest pedalboards money can buy - actually no need to explicitly mention that. What is even more impressive though, is their customer service. Very quick to reply, outstanding service.
All in all its worth every penny, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pedalboard, would rate it 10/5.

I'm not affiliated with Aclam, bought all the pieces with my own money and usually don't write reviews unless I'm seriously enthusiastic about something.


Ps. Complaints about the screws getting stuck if tightened too firmly - Easily solved: Don't over tighten, you're attaching a guitar pedal, not an anvil. If it happens tho, nothing a drop of WD40 wouldn't solve.

19 March 2021

If you screw too much, they're stuck forever

I don't know why. Tried everything to unstuck them (WD40, impact screwdriver...). Please improve the design, thanks. The fast fastener is an improvement but much too expensive. :-(

06 March 2020

Cool equipment !

Top ! A little fragile, do not tighten the scew too much...

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