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Aclam’s Exchangeable Cartridge Pickup System (AECPUS)

Swap your guitar pickups and change your sonic character in a matter of seconds with Aclam’s Exchangeable Cartridge Pickup System (AECPUS). Choose from the best pickups in the market and swap between Lollar, Dimarzio, Burns, hambucker or sigles without the need of tools. 



Our cartridges are carefully pre-installed in our workshop and are also prepared for active pickups, use all wiring capabilities of any pickup thanks to Aclam’s switching circuit.

Adjust the height of the pickup, as well as the tilt, to find the most convenient spot to attain the tone and comfort you are looking for.

Designed to work once they are locked in place, experiment with the great number of combinations possible and forget having to carry several different guitars to fit the situation. With Aclam’s Exchangeable Cartridge Pickup System the limit is only defined by you.

With the best pickup options in the market, Aclam’s Exchangeable Cartridge Pickup System will allow you to change the tone of your guitar in a matter of seconds. If you don’t see the pickups, you were after just contact us, Aclam’s pickup system is compatible with any option in the market.

Aclam’s Canivell guitars don’t include pickups, so don’t forget to order some with the guitar!

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