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Smart Track® · The adhesive free pedalboard

You're now one step closer to get your pedalboard without adhesives. Buy the Smart Track® pedalboard to keep your pedals clean and undamaged. Forget about sticky things, adhesive plates or any other glue under your expensive effects pedals. Avoid any element that won’t allow you to place the pedal flat on the floor again. Fasteners will atach your pedals in a safe and secure way. They're included in your pedalboard, so there won't be extra expenses when you get your pedalboard.


Understand how it works in less than 2 minutes, you won't regret if you buy a Smart Track® pedalboard.

The first no velcro pedalboard uses the patented Smart Track® fastening system to attach your pedals using a harmless, stainless, and sturdy system that can be used and reused without losing consistency.

A pedalboard without velcro will take care of your effects pedals, keeping them in pristine conditions in the case you want to move on putting it up for sale to get a new one. No velcro pedalboard implies eradication of subjection issues due to heat, so less surprises when opening your gigbag after some moving around. Buy Smart Track® pedalboard and you will get enough fasteners to populate your no velcro pedalboard with your current pedals and the future ones, as you can use the same repeatedly.

With Aclam’s pedalboard without velcro you can also upgrade it with accessories or expansions that take advantage of the modular features of the system. Easy attachable accessories that will help you build the most convenient rig, swap between setups or simply improve the wiring management, so your main concern can become playing music.

Check Aclam’s no velcro pedalboard models that cover from smaller beginner solutions such as the XS1, to larger professional-oriented boards such as the L2. There is also a choice of custom options in case the standard ones do not do the trick, so check the custom spare parts if you are brave enough to build your own pedalboard.


Pedalboards without velcro can be the solution you were waiting to build your ultimate pedalboard, so buy Smart Track® pedalboards if you want to change the approach you had towards gear management.

Why should no velcro pedalboards be considered? Check this article talking about velcroing or not velcroing: Read now

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