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Free Returns – Lifetime Warranty | Aclam Guitars
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Free Returns – Lifetime Warranty

Sometimes it can be hard to make the decision to buy an item you have not physically seen, touched, and felt.

Our aim is to increase our dealer network, so you can easily access to our line of adhesive-free pedalboards and effects pedals, but meanwhile we want to make life easier for you.

At Aclam we offer a free return policy if the product you have purchased at our online store does not meet your expectations, you have suddenly quitted “stompboxing” or you simply don’t want it anymore, because people change and the four-day transit has been enough time for you to evolve.

But how does this work?

Free Returns

Online purchases are protected by consumer contract regulations that state that any order placed online has a 14-day cooling off period from the day it has been delivered. Meaning that if you change your mind, you have an additional 14-day period to return the items to the seller so they can proceed to refund the total amount.

Bear in mind that the return shipping fee is usually paid by the customer unless it is a faulty item.

What we offer at Aclam’s online store is a 30-day period after receiving the order to notify you want to return it, which we believe is plenty of time to find out something is not suitable for you.

However, we can be flexible, and we will listen to enquires after those 30-days, but the longer you keep it the more difficult it will be to keep the gear in pristine conditions and meet the returns requirements to opt for a full refund (including return shipping).

To proceed, just contact our team and we will give you further instructions.

Returns Requirements

Returned items must be in the same condition in which you received them. That is why it is very important to check the order upon arrival and notify any issue you detect straight away. We consider the items have been received correctly if there is no notice within 24/48h from delivery.

All the pieces included in the pack, bundle, product, must be returned together. Make sure you do not forget to include all the bits & pieces as it is extremely important if you want a full refund.

The product should not have been modified whatsoever, if the pedalboard was black it should be black, and if the effects pedal is a dual stage overdrive pedal it should not come back turned into a FuzzFace.   

Failing to meet any of these conditions would result in a partial refund rather than the whole amount of the order.

As we know things can get bumped and thrown around during transportation, we recommend to take a picture of the parcel and inside items before shipping them back in case something happens, as we will consider those as proof of a possible transportation damage.

Lifetime warranty

You usually get one to two years of warranty, which covers a wide period where any non-user related issue would be covered by the seller.

At Aclam we offer lifetime warranty with all our online store purchases, so if the item presents a fault that has not been caused by use or manipulation, let us know and we will sort it out.

Just to be clear, we know how a pedalboard looks after being run over by a truck, so we will not believe it is a reaction to cold temperatures or structural spontaneous collapse…

Having cleared this up, we can just invite you to check Aclam Guitars’ online store and be sure that you will receive the equipment you need or you'll be able to return it with no further cost.

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    • Avatar
      burton levine
      nov 21, 2023

      Hi Guys. Just out of curiosity, how do I record proof of purchase to have my pedals remain under warranty? Is there a place in my account to add all of my purchases for future reference? I own 6 pedals but only one shows on my account.nRegards,nBurt Levine

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