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Starter kit: special deal

Starter Kit - S1

Smart Track® S1 top routing + Power Supply Support + Cable organizer


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Aclam’s best entry-level pedalboard, the Smart Track® S1, has been bundled together with the must-have accessories to offer the best value for money when it comes to fit 4 to 5 pedals. You will have all you need to assemble the best pedalboard for your needs straight away! Check it out at Aclam’s online store!


Aclam’s Starter Kit includes the Smart Track® S1 – Top routing pedalboard with the specific soft case for it. Use the x20 fasteners that come with the board to fit up to 5 standard-sized effects pedals. The Smart Track® fastening method will allow you to reconfigure the board as many times you need in a quick and clean manner.

With the PSU Support - Universal Simple you can place your favorite power supply underneath the board.

The Tidy Cables cable management accessory will help you out routing all the cables in a neat and efficient way.

Most of these accessories are purchased in a second order, so don’t waste this occasion to get all you need at once with the best entry-level pedalboard available.


Aclam’s best entry-level pedalboard, the Smart Track S1® - top routing, has modular features that will give you the chance to expand your stompbox collection without the need of buying a whole new pedalboard. In order to double capacity, you will only need to get the 30cm Pedalboard Side and a S-sized Pedalboard Track to keep your rig growing.

Use the soft case to carry this light and small pedalboard around with ease and style. It even has an outside pocket with zipper to keep plectrums, cables and other small accessories within reach.


Aclam’s Starter Kit includes accessories with a reduced price than if purchased separately, so you can be pretty sure that you have chosen the best value for money pedalboard available


With Aclam’s Starter Kit you will be getting the best entry-level pedalboard with the must-have accessories that we know you need. Save money, time and wrapping with this Kit or check the Advanced Kits for other sizes. You can always Contact Us if you are not sure and we will show you the way!

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1.3 Kg (2.9 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
S1 (4-5 pedals)
59 x 15 cm (23.2" x 5.9")
Smart Track® S1 top routing - Softcase - PSU Support S - Tidy Cables
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs
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What customers think about this product?


Fantastic starting point!

A great start to building your first pedalboard, with everything you could need in order to get your first few pedals ordered and mounted, along with the power supply.

Since it's part of the modular system; you can use these same components when the time comes to expand your board to provide a home for your next pedal purchases.

And you can do it all without having to apply velcro to ANYTHING!

Great value, great product.

- 26 Oct. 2023

The S1 is a great small board.

I was looking for a pedal board the did not require velcro.
Aclam has a great product here and all the parts of the kit work together to hold the pedals I was looking to use. I should have bought a bigger board. While I had 5 pedals on the board, I find myself need just a little more space. But the space is my issue. The quality of the board and the fastening system is top notch. My power source fit nicely under the board. Only real complaint is the cost of shipping to the USA. However, I did receive the board in 4.5 days. Pretty darn fast if you ask me. Thanks for a quality product!

- 19 July 2021