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Check out Aclam’s effects pedals at Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit 2019!!! | Aclam Guitars
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Check out Aclam’s effects pedals at Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit 2019!!!

LA Stompbox Exhibit 2019 (& synth expo)

StompBox Exhibit

Another edition of the Stompbox exhibit is about to take place from the 28th to the 29th of September. In this occasion, the DAF Creative Studios in Los Angeles will be the place to be if you can’t get enough of these tonal enhancers.

Location info:

DAF Creative Studios

2234 West Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90026

You can check the location’s information and grab your free tickets here:

Grab your tickets now!

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of Aclam's special offer for those who attend the show and check out our pedals!

Aclam’s effect pedal proposals

We will be participating with our two efforts up to the date, the Cinnamon Drive and Dr Robert effects pedals. A great opportunity for pedal lovers to approach and squeeze the most out of Aclam’s proposals, with the added value of being a free event. What can go wrong?

Brands like Chase Bliss Audio, Dunlop, EarthQuaker Devices, Eventide, JHS among other great effects pedal builders, will assure a huge array of awesomeness!   

Check them out here!

· Cinnamon Drive: the ultimate riffing machine

Blast the sounds inspired by the cranked up 60’s and 70’s tube amps with the Cinnamon Drive. This highly dynamic and touch responsive effects pedal will make you feel you are playing your favorite vintage amp. Discover the versatility of its dual stage clipping circuits, the combination of soft and hard clipping circuits that could well be considered as having two pedals in one!

· Dr Robert: replicate the tone of the legendary Vox UL730 amp

A more special proposal has been achieved with the Dr Robert effects pedal, which replicates the sound of the legendary Vox UL730 amp, used amongst others by the Beatles on the Revolver album. After tracking and purchasing the real deal, some dissection and in-depth analysis of the circuit, we can affirm we’ve reached the best possible replica of that distinctive sound. To top it all off, Revolver’s cover designer Klaus Voormann signs the artwork for this amp in a box pedal!

Win $1,500+ in Pedal Gear through the L.A. Stompbox Exhibit!

To celebrate the 2019 edition of the Los Angeles Stompbox Exhibit a giveaway with a bunch of top-notch gear is taking place and you just have to follow two easy steps to participate.


How to participate?

Find out here!!

Check out our effects pedals and contact us for inquiries or feedback, we are always pleased to hear from you!   

The Aclam Team

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