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The guitar overdrive pedal that replicates the legendary Vox UL730 amp

The Dr. Robert is a guitar overdrive pedal based on the Normal channel of our Vox® UL730 S/N: 3042. This amp in a box pedal was designed to be the closest replica of the amp’s soul and character. A meticulous process of tracing the original tag board circuits and measuring each component’s value has resulted in a sonic approach never reached before. 

One of the keys of this amp in a box pedal tone is the “Middle” control which is one of the most interesting mid-range eq ever found on an amp. From subtracting mid-frequencies creating a scooped sound, to adding them to build up the sound in gain; tailoring the “Middle” knob will allow you to control both the midrange and saturation of this amp in a box pedal. As the solid-state preamp of the UL730 doesn’t create much distortion by itself, it has been coupled with a custom FET saturation engine to mimic the attributes of the tube power amp section.

This amp in a box pedal will also allow you to add saturation to your main sound using the “Mach Schau!” section of the guitar overdrive pedal, with an independent volume control to swap between rhythmic and solo tones.


Demos and reviews of the Dr. Robert pedal



What it's said about the Dr. Robert effect pedal

Not just for Beatles fans, but definitely for Beatles fans.

The llustration by “Revolver” cover artist Klaus Voorman really brings that spirit and feel of those classic LPs back to life, and the sounds fit perfectly as well

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The Dr. Robert is a bit of an art piece as well

“The cool-sounding is a worthy and interesting addition to anyone’s stompbox collection.”

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This pedal is just what the doctor ordered

“Custom FET circuitry provides the sag and sound of tubes, while the middle control increases the sweet saturation effect.”

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The Dr. Robert is no one-trick pony. Its overdrive, fuzz, and boost

"The tones within are so close to the Beatles tones I’ve been chasing for decades, and so unique in non-Beatles contexts."

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The story behind the Dr. Robert effect pedal

Pursuit of an Iconic Sound, the Inception of a Long Journey.

Chapter 1

This video marks the beginning of our short serie about Dr.Robert, Aclam’s latest overdrive pedal. In this chapter Marcel and Marc, the two people at the origin of project, take us back to the 60s to explain us how Revolver and the Vox UL series inspired them to create Dr.Robert.

Vox UL series,
Myth or Big Deal?

Chapter 2

Our serie about Dr.Robert overdrive pedal continues with our second episode, “Myth or Big Deal”. Marcel and Marc, original creators of our latest overdrive pedal, discuss about the importance of Vox UL series for the Beatles and the music industry in general.

Amp Hunting: Speculation, Scam, and Tomatoes

Chapter 3

In the 3rd episode of our serie about Dr.Robert overdrive pedal, Marc and Marcel, creators of Dr.Robert, tell us about their quest to find the UL amplifier. A long path, full of pitfalls, scams, and a lot of patience. Was it a happy ending?

Restoration and
Tonal Harvesting

Chapter 4

The creators of Aclam’s Dr.Robert overdrive pedal are back in action in the 4th episode of our serie. Now that they have finally acquired the amplifier they were looking for, Marc and Marcel can start the restoration process.


the Tone

Chapter 5

Discover in the 5th episode of our serie about Dr.Robert overdrive pedal how Aclam came up with the name Dr.Robert, and the branding process featuring Klaus Voormann, the iconic designer from the Revolver album.

Fitting Pieces

Chapter 6

After a year working on the project, Dr.Robert overdrive pedal creators tell us about the challenges and experiences met during the creation process. A great journey that started in Barcelona, but that’s taken inspiration from a lot of places. Discover it now in the 6th and last episode of our serie.

Dr. Robert 
Live Demo!

(Bonus Chapter)

Dr.Robert is Aclam’s latest overdrive pedal. In the last chapter of our serie, we’re reviewing together with its creators the features of the product.


Dr.Robert Pedal

Discover Aclam’s newest guitar pedal: Dr.Robert. A perfect replica of the legendary Vox UL730 amp, famously used by The Beatles!


Dr. Robert Features

The most accurate replica of the original UL730 preamp

Sometimes you can’t trust the internet or an old schematic! We’ve found major discrepancies between the published schematic and the real thing, such as component types and values, so we can assure this guitar overdrive pedal is the closest you can get to the rarest Vox amp! Following the preamp there’s a custom FET based circuit emulating the saturation produced by the UL730 EL84’s tube power amp section. Additionally, the circuit for this guitar overdrive pedal works with the same voltages found on the original amp thanks to a charge pump circuit which takes the 9VDC from the battery or DC plug and converts it to 18VDC.

Mach Schau! Function

Extra saturation function for this amp in a box pedal via a footswitch with an independent volume control. Hit it when the venue’s manager wants you to play harder!

Custom graphics by Revolver’s cover artist, Klaus Voormann

We’re so honored to get Mr. Klaus Voormann, designer of The Beatle’s Revolver album cover, to sign the artwork for the Dr. Robert amp in a box pedal!

High end components and True Bypass switching

We made an extra effort to put the finest and closest components to the original amp on the Dr. Robert guitar overdrive pedal. Carbon comp resistors, Nichicon Fine Gold and Wima caps, Alpha pots and switches makes the Dr. Robert a reliable amp in a box pedal with a superb tone.

Smart Track Fastening System

Custom enclosure designed to match Smart Track® pedalboards. It also comes with a super-strong Velcro® pad for standard pedalboards.





Internal controls


Dr. Robert tech specs

Dimensions:13,6 x 8,7 x 5,5cm (5,4” x 3,4” x 2,2”) with knobs
Bypass: True bypass
Power requirements9V DC Center Negative 100mAminimum or a 9V battery
 Current draw: ≈40 mA
 Included: 1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad

Dr. Robert audio samples


(Played with a Epi)


(Played with EPI)

(Played with Gretsch 6120)

(Played with Gretsch 6120 PepBox)


(Played with a Epi)

(Played with a SG)


(Played with a Epi Omni)



(Played with a Strato Omni)


(Played with a Strato Solo)


(Played with a Casino Rhythm GT)


(Played with a Lead Epiphone Casino Solo - Cm 01)

(Played with a Lead Strato Solo - Cm 01)


Get Inspired With The Dr.Robert Playlist


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